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A simple tool for synchronizing local project (files) to remote server.

Project description

Project Sync

## Introduction

#### What

A simple tool based on `rsync` for uploading / synchronizing local project
(files) to remote server.

#### Who
For people who want to work on a project locally (on your laptop) and sync the files
to remote server. For example, developing locally and executing remotely.

#### Why
`rsync` is flexible and powerful, but flags and options are way too complex for

## Installation

$ pip install project-sync

This will install a command line tool `psync`, the usage of which is described below.

## Usage

1. Run `psync` under project root to generate initial config file (`.psync`).
$ cd ~/Code/demo_project
$ psync
It will generate the config interactively:

You are not in a project (no .psync found)!
Generate .psync to current directory (/Users/lazywei/Code/demo_project) [Y/n]? [Y]: Y
Config will be generated at /Users/lazywei/Code/demo_project:
Remote path [~/remote/path]: ~/remote/path
SSH host [ssh_host]: aws_playground
SSH username or enter '-' to skip [ssh_user]: -
Files or folders to ignore (separated by space) [ ]: .git .psync
- .git
- .psync
remote: ~/remote/path
host: aws_playground
username: null

Project root is now: /Users/lazywei/Code/demo_project

2. Run `psync` under any nested subfolders of the project root to sync the project.
$ psync
rsync -e ssh -ruaz --exclude .git --exclude .psync --rsync-path mkdir -p ~/remote/path && rsync /Users/lazywei/Code/demo_project aws_playground:~/remote/path
--- Sync Finished ---

$ ssh aws_playground "ls -a ~/remote/path/demo_project"

3. Run `psync watch` to watch any modification under the project root and perform sync automatically.

### Usage Demo

![Usage Demo](demo-usage.gif)

### Config Options

The config (`.psync`) is a YAML file. You can edit it after initial generating.

- `ignores`: an array contains all the files for folders to exclude by `rsync`
- `ssh`:
- `host`: SSH Host
- `username`: SSH username, `null` to ignore this (for example, when you set this in `~/.ssh/config` already)
- `remote`: where to sync on remote server

## Contributions

This project is currently in WIP stage; any discussion, bug report and PR are more than welcome.

## License

psync is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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