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Flexible prompt wrapper for dmenu, fzf, and rofi.

Project description


Whether you use dmenu, fzf, or rofi, PromptX gives you complete access to your favorite prompt program. As simple or complex as you like the choice is yours.


The usual way:

pip install promptx

Requires python3



Without default args:

>>> p = PromptX("dmenu")

With default args:

>>> p = PromptX(prompt_cmd="dmenu", default_args="-l 20 -i")

What's the difference?

Well, if you initialize the PromptX object with default args they get included every time you use the ask() method. This is nice if you always want your prompt to look a certain way despite the question.


At it's most basic:

>>> choices = [ "1", "2", "3" ]
>>> response = p.ask(choices)
>>> print(response)

But there are some additional arguments that ask() takes. Here they are in positional order.


A list of options to present the user with. Not optional.


The prompt to use when querying the user. The necessary flag will get automatically added based on the prompt command used to initialize PromptX.


Add additional arguments to the prompt command. Any additional arguments will get added before the prompt flag. These arguments must be a string. They will be appropriately split, just provide them as you would from the command line.


User's may select multiple answers in any of the three supported prompt commands. The default is to return the first selection they made. Here are the options to change this behavior and the return type of ask():

  • "first": Default Use "first" if you want the first option the user selected. Returns a string.
  • "last": Use "last" if you want the last option the user selected. Returns a string.
  • "all": Use "all" if you want all options the user selected. Returns a list of all selected options.


Default is "". This is the deliminator to use when joining your list of options.


If you don't like that ask requires a string to add additional args then use this method with a list.


These args will get added to the PromptX object. By default these arguments are not sticky, meaning they do not change the default args that the object got initialized with.


If you want these arguments to get added to the default args then set this to True.

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