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Python module for applying fixes at runtime for games not supported by Steam Proton

Project description


A module for applying fixes at runtime to unsupported games with Steam Proton without changing game installation files. The idea is to include seperate fixes that are only loaded when a game matching that ID is run. This should keep the individual game fixes from affecting any other games.

Current fixes include:

  • Final Fantasy IX
  • Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
  • Forts


Install from PIP

# sudo pip install protonfixes

Install using setuptools

# sudo python install

Add to

In the steamapps/common/Proton* directory, add the following line to

import protonfixes

If there is no file, make a copy of the file.

Writing Game Fixes

Game fixes written in python and are named by the Steam game ID with the extension .py. For example, the file gamefixes/ will be loaded when the game FINAL FANTASY IX is run. Here are some things to consider when writing fixes:

  • Only import libraries that are part of the Python standard library for portability.
  • Use docstrings and comment thoroughly. There will likely be people without python experience making game fixes and good commented examples will help
  • Do not use any hard-coded paths, Steam may not always be installed in the same location.
  • Check your gamefix with pylint. You can safely disable warning C0103, modules named by Steam ID will never conform to snake_case naming style.
  • Pull requests are welcome!

Example game fixes - Changing the executable launched

import os
import sys

def main():
    """ Changes the proton argument from the launcher to the game

    print('Applying FINAL FANTASY IX Game Fixes')

    # Fix crackling audio
    os.environ['PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC'] = '60'

    # Replace launcher with game exe in proton arguments
    for idx, env in enumerate(sys.argv):
        if 'FF9_Launcher' in env:
            sys.argv[idx] = env.replace('FF9_Launcher.exe', 'x64/FF9.exe') - Running a winetricks verb

from protonfixes import util

def main():
    """ Uses winetricks to install the ole32 verb

    print('Applying fixes for Forts')

    if not util.checkinstalled('ole32'):

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