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A library for W3C Provenance Data Model supporting PROV-JSON, PROV-XML and PROV-O (RDF)

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A library for W3C Provenance Data Model supporting PROV-O (RDF), PROV-XML, PROV-JSON import/export

* Free software: MIT license
* Documentation:


* An implementation of the `W3C PROV Data Model <>`_ in Python.
* In-memory classes for PROV assertions, which can then be output as `PROV-N <>`_
* Serialization and deserializtion support: `PROV-O <>`_ (RDF), `PROV-XML <>`_ and `PROV-JSON <>`_.
* Exporting PROV documents into various graphical formats (e.g. PDF, PNG, SVG).
* Convert a PROV document to a `Networkx MultiDiGraph <>`_ and back.


See `a short tutorial <>`_ for using this package.

This package is used extensively by `ProvStore <>`_,
a free online repository for provenance documents.


1.5.1 (2017-07-18)
* Replaced pydotplus with pydot (see #111)
* Fixed datetime and bundle error in RDF serialisation
* Tested against Python 3.6
* Improved documentation

1.5.0 (2016-10-19)
* Added: Support for `PROV-O <>`_ (RDF) serialization and deserialization
* Added: `direction` option for :py:meth:``
* Added: :py:meth:`prov.graph.graph_to_prov` to convert a `MultiDiGraph <>`_ back to a :py:class:`~prov.model.ProvDocument`
* Testing with Python 3.5
* Various minor bug fixes and improvements

1.4.0 (2015-08-13)
* Changed the type of qualified names to prov:QUALIFIED_NAME (fixed #68)
* Removed XSDQName class and stopped supporting parsing xsd:QName as qualified names
* Replaced pydot dependency with pydotplus
* Removed support for Python 2.6
* Various minor bug fixes and improvements

1.3.2 (2015-06-17)
* Added: prov-compare script to check equivalence of two PROV files (currently supporting JSON and XML)
* Fixed: deserialising Python 3's bytes objects (issue #67)

1.3.1 (2015-02-27)
* Fixed unicode issue with deserialising text contents
* Set the correct version requirement for six
* Fixed format selection in prov-convert script

1.3.0 (2015-02-03)
* Python 3.3 and 3.4 supported
* Updated prov-convert script to support XML output
* Added missing test JSON and XML files in distributions

1.2.0 (2014-12-19)
* Added: :py:meth:`prov.graph.prov_to_graph` to convert a :py:class:`~prov.model.ProvDocument` to a `MultiDiGraph <>`_
* Added: PROV-N serializer
* Fixed: None values for empty formal attributes in PROV-N output (issue #60)
* Fixed: PROV-N representation for xsd:dateTime (issue #58)
* Fixed: Unintended merging of Identifier and QualifiedName values
* Fixed: Cloning the records when creating a new document from them
* Fixed: incorrect SoftwareAgent records in XML serialization

1.1.0 (2014-08-21)
* Added: Support for `PROV-XML <>`_ serialization and deserialization
* A :py:class:`~prov.model.ProvRecord` instance can now be used as the value of an attributes
* Added: convenient assertions methods for :py:class:`~prov.model.ProvEntity`, :py:class:`~prov.model.ProvActivity`, and :py:class:`~prov.model.ProvAgent`
* Added: :py:meth:`prov.model.ProvDocument.update` and :py:meth:`prov.model.ProvBundle.update`
* Fixed: Handling default namespaces of bundles when flattened

1.0.1 (2014-08-18)
* Added: Default namespace inheritance for bundles
* Fixed: :py:meth:`prov.model.NamespaceManager.valid_qualified_name` did not support :py:class:`~prov.model.XSDQName`
* Added: Convenience :py:func:`` method with a lazy format detection
* Added: Convenience :py:meth:`~prov.model.ProvBundle.plot` method on the :py:class:`~prov.model.ProvBundle` class (requiring matplotlib).
* Changed: The previous :py:meth:`!add_record` method renamed to :py:meth:`~prov.model.ProvBundle.new_record`
* Added: :py:meth:`~prov.model.ProvBundle.add_record` function which takes one argument, a :py:class:`~prov.model.ProvRecord`, has been added
* Fixed: Document flattening (see :py:meth:`~prov.model.ProvDocument.flattened`)
* Added: :py:meth:`~prov.model.ProvRecord.__hash__` function added to :py:class:`~prov.model.ProvRecord` (**at risk**: to be removed as :py:class:`~prov.model.ProvRecord` is expected to be mutable)
* Added: :py:attr:`~prov.model.ProvRecord.extra_attributes` added to mirror existing :py:attr:`~prov.model.ProvRecord.formal_attributes`

1.0.0 (2014-07-15)

* The underlying data model has been rewritten and is **incompatible** with pre-1.0 versions.
* References to PROV elements (i.e. entities, activities, agents) in relation records are now QualifiedName instances.
* A document or bundle can have multiple records with the same identifier.
* PROV-JSON serializer and deserializer are now separated from the data model.
* Many tests added, including round-trip PROV-JSON encoding/decoding.
* For changes pre-1.0, see CHANGES.txt.

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