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Manage free and private proxies on local db for Python Projects.

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Manage free and private proxies on local db for Python Projects. Each proxy has a score according to how it works. Add a positive vote if the proxy works correctly and a negative vote if it does not work.

import requests
from requests.exceptions import Timeout, ConnectionError, ProxyError
from proxy_db.proxies import ProxiesList

proxy = next(ProxiesList())
    requests.get('', proxies=proxy)
except (Timeout, ConnectionError, ProxyError):

Proxy-db will return the best proxies first (more positive votes). You can also filter by country:

from proxy_db.proxies import ProxiesList

spain_proxy = next(ProxiesList('es'))
# ...

You can also filter by provider:

from proxy_db.proxies import ProxiesList

proxy_nova_proxy = next(ProxiesList(provider='Proxy Nova'))
# ...

Free proxies providers included:

  • Proxy Nova


For more information see the docs.


If you have Pip installed on your system, you can use it to install the latest ProxyDB stable version:

$ pip3 install proxy-db

Python 2.7 & 3.4-3.7 are supported but Python 3.x is recommended. Use pip2 on install for Python2. More info in the documentation

Some providers do not have the correct country for proxies. To determine the correct country proxy-db can use geoip. To use this install the optional dependencies:

$ pip3 install proxy-db[geoip]

You also need a maxmind Geolite2 license (it’s free). To obtain the license, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for a Maxmind Geolite2 account

  2. Log in to your Maxmind account

  3. In the menu on the left, navigate to Services > My License Key.

  4. Click Generate new license key.

Sets the environment variable MAXMIND_LICENSE_KEY. To set it from Python:

import os
os.environ['MAXMIND_LICENSE_KEY'] = '28xjifHSTxVq93xZ'

HTTPS & SOCKS5 proxies

To use socks5 proxies with requests you need to install socks support:

$ pip3 install proxy-db[socks]

To use HTTPS proxies with requests/urllib3 you need to install the latests urllib3 version from sources:

$ pip install

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