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prs is a utility that allows you to use Python list comprehensions in shell commands.

Project description


prs is a small utility that lets you pipe things to Python and process them in a list comprehension.

If you've ever wished you could manipulate items in your shell with a Python list comprehension, prs is for you.


Just pip install prs.


prs is simple. You pipe stuff into it from the shell, it exposes whatever is piped as a list called i (without final newlines) to a script, and expects the script to return either a string or an iterable to a variable called o. That variable is then printed to stdout, so you can pipe it to sh for execution.

$ ls -1

$ ls -1 | prs "o = [l.lower() for l in i]"

Multiple lines can be separated by a semicolon.

Various libraries are already imported (but feel free to import your own):

  • os
  • re
  • sys
  • pathlib.Path


Note: The examples here won't actually run the commands, they will just display them so you can see what will actually run. To run the commands for real, just append | sh to each example.

Append .bak to all files in the current directory:

$ ls -1 | prs "o = ['mv {} {}.bak'.format(l, l) for l in i if Path(l).is_file()]"
mv setup.cfg setup.cfg.bak

Concatenate all entries into one:

02:28:39 $ ls -1 | prs "o = 'touch ' + ' '.join(i)"
touch LICENSE prs setup.cfg

Completely ignore all input:

02:29:35 $ ls -1 | prs "o = 'hi'"

Change the extension of all files in all subdirectories:

$ prs 'o = ["mv %s %s" % (l, l.with_suffix(".2py")) for l in Path(".").glob("**/*.py")]'
mv setup.2py
mv build/lib/prs/ build/lib/prs/cli.2py
mv build/lib/prs/ build/lib/prs/__init__.2py
mv prs/ prs/cli.2py
mv prs/ prs/__init__.2py

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