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PRSAW, an acronym for `Python Random Stuff API Wrapper`, is a wrapper for the Random Stuff API.

Project description

PRSAW 0.4.0


PRSAW, an acronym for Python Random Stuff API Wrapper, is a wrapper for the Random Stuff API. PyPI:


You can install released versions of prsaw from the Python Package Index with pip or a similar tool:

Stable Release: pip install prsaw
Working Version: pip install git+

Example Usage (No API KEY)

# import the module
from prsaw import RandomStuff

# initiate the object
rs = RandomStuffV2() 

# get a response from an endpoint
response = rs.get_ai_response("How are you?")

# close the object once done (recommended)

Example async usage (With an API key)

# import the module
from prsaw import RandomStuff

# initiate the object with async mode
api_key = "Your API Key"
rs = RandomStuff(async_mode = True, api_key = api_key)

# get a joke
joke = await rs.get_joke()

# close the session
await rs.aclose()


If you've purchased a premium plan you can pass that as a paramater to RandomStuffV3 or RandomStuffV4

plan = "Can be pro/biz/mega/ultra"
rs = RandomStuffV4(api_key = api_key, plan=plan)

Server (V4)

You can specify the server in RandomStuffV4 if you want

server = "Can be primary/backup/unstable"
rs = RandomStuffV4(api_key = api_key, server=server)


You can also pass dev_name, bot_name and ai_language as paramaters to RandomStuffV3 or RandomStuffV4.

Functions available

The current list of asynchronous functions available are:

# endpoints
await get_joke(_type)  # Refer to
await get_image(_type) # for all the endpoints
await get_ai_response(msg)

# others
await aclose() # closes the object

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