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Propertyshelf Realia Theme

Project description

Propertyshelf Realia Theme

This installable Plone product enables a Diazo implementation of the mobile-ready HTML5 theme, based on the popular Realia Theme.


  • Plone 4.x (Plone > 4.3 recommended)
  • requires
  • requires Diazo support


  • mobile-ready
  • Html5, CSS3
  • use as Zip Upload
  • Propertyshelf’s listing embedding solutions

Setup Steps

If the theme is installed via ZIP file upload, please deactivate the following Plone default css files in portal_css via ZMI:

  • reset.css
  • public.css


You can adjust the following Diazo parameters in Advanced settings of the “Theming” in Site Setup.


  • normal
  • light
  • dark
  • dark-dark
  • Default: header_class = string:normal


  • true
  • false
  • Default: slider_fullscreen = string:false


  • This phone number shows on header contact information
  • Default: nr_phone_show = string:+166 1418 7657


  • Is dialed by apps when click on header phone number
  • Default: nr_phone = string:16614187657


  • This email is use in the header contact imformation
  • Default: email =


  • red
  • gray-red
  • magenta
  • gray-magenta
  • brown
  • gray-brown
  • brown-dark
  • gray-brown-dark
  • orange
  • gray-orange
  • green-light
  • gray-green-light
  • green
  • gray-green
  • turquiose
  • gray-turquiose
  • blue
  • gray-blue
  • violet
  • gray-violet
  • Default: theme_color = string:blue

Header features

This package has 2 features for its header:

Default: “List your property”-button

In “Site Setup” > “Theming Toolkit Settings”

  • checkbox “Show Social Header Viewlet” is checked

  • in “Social Plugins Code” text-area you will need the html below:

    <div id="site_contact_link">
        <a class="btn btn-primary btn-large list-your-property arrow-right" href="URL">TEXT</a>

You can adjust URL and TEXT as you need. If you want to switch slogan


In “Site Setup” > “Theming Toolkit Settings”

  • checkbox “Show Social Header Viewlet” is checked

  • in “Social Plugins Code” text-area you will need the html below:

    <div class="slogan">
        <h1>Customer Slogan</h1>
        <p>Smaller text below</p>

Multi-lingual Slogans

  • to identify a content as language-active you will need to add the css class lang at your slogan
  • to identify the language of the content you will need to add the css class lang-XX (XX is the used language code)


<div class="slogan">
    <div class= "lang lang-en">
        <h1>Customer Slogan</h1>
        <p>Smaller text below</p>
    <div class= "lang lang-es">
        <h1>Slogan cliente</h1>
        <p>Texto más pequeño debajo</p>

Skype Contact:

In “Site Setup” > “Theming Toolkit Settings”

  • checkbox “Show Site title & contact viewlet” is checked
  • in its input field you can add your Skype name
  • the Skype-icon will show automatically



0.14.1 (2017-08-30)

  • Wrap every property into it’s own row-fluid (fixes margin errors).
  • Adjust CSS for property rows.

0.14 (2017-08-30)

  • Transform development collection results into realia property rows.
  • Create bootstrap style buttons using diazo, not JS.
  • Use grunt tasks to compile less files and release CSS.
  • Several small CSS fixes.

0.13 (2017-07-13)

  • Load fonts from https.
  • Fix positioning bug for language selector and search box.
  • Fix portal_personaltools.

0.12.4 (2017-05-28)

  • Adjust CSS after removing the duplicate #content id from the template.

0.12.3 (2017-05-28)

  • Fix portal footer diazo rule.
  • Don’t use the CSS id “content” twice (theme and content).

0.12.2 (2017-05-26)

  • Adjust chozen CSS for quicksearch portlet.

0.12.1 (2017-05-26)

  • Remove console.log() statements.
  • Fix chozen inputs CSS.

0.12 (2017-05-12)

  • Show listing search banner, if enabled.
  • Fix wrong order of CSS and JS resource files.
  • Use chosen JS library for listing search forms.
  • Make development header more user friendly.

0.11 (2017-01-23)

  • Drop viewport meta element coming from Plone.
  • Revert “Fix blank page issue when switching orientation on mobile devices.”

0.10 (2017-01-23)

  • Fix blank page issue when switching orientation on mobile devices.

0.9 (2016-12-01)

  • Add crunch configuration to compile less to CSS.
  • Fix listing bar styles for Plone 4.3.11.
  • Add CSS bugfixes.

0.8.1 (2016-05-24)

  • Fixed manifest file.

0.8 (2016-05-24)

  • Add support for > 1.7.
  • Code cleanup.

0.7 (2015-10-05)

  • Add theme-colors for development icons
  • Add theme-color for custom slogan
  • Auto-balance ListingCollections for cover tiles
  • Update documentation
  • Minify & speed improvements

0.6 (2015-07-28)

  • Bugfix: include webstatics scripts of the Site controlpanel
  • Optimized Image behaviour for ListingSummary
  • Improve default headline setting (h1-h4)
  • IE extended support

0.5 (2015-07-08)

  • collective.cover bug-fix
  • Add Diazo Parameter for switch on/off full-width slider

0.4 (2015-07-07)

  • Full support new ListingSlider
  • QoC improvements

0.2 (2015-06-24)

  • Small screen improvements
  • Fix color selection via parameter

0.1 (2015-06-16)

  • First release

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