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Point Spread Function calculations for fluorescence microscopy

Project description

Psf is a Python library to calculate Point Spread Functions (PSF) for fluorescence microscopy.

This library is no longer actively developed.

Authors:Christoph Gohlke, Oliver Holub
Organization:Laboratory for Fluorescence Dynamics. University of California, Irvine
License:BSD 3-Clause



Remove support for Python 3.6 (NEP 29).
Remove support for Python 2.7 and 3.5. Update copyright.
Support Python 3.8.
Fix setup requirements. Fix compiler warning.


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>>> import psf
>>> args = dict(shape=(32, 32), dims=(4, 4), ex_wavelen=488, em_wavelen=520,
...             num_aperture=1.2, refr_index=1.333,
...             pinhole_radius=0.55, pinhole_shape='round')
>>> obsvol = psf.PSF(psf.GAUSSIAN | psf.CONFOCAL, **args)
>>> print(f'{obsvol.sigma.ou[0]:.5f}, {obsvol.sigma.ou[1]:.5f}')
2.58832, 1.37059
>>> obsvol = psf.PSF(psf.ISOTROPIC | psf.CONFOCAL, **args)
>>> print(obsvol, end='')  # doctest:+ELLIPSIS
 Confocal, Isotropic
 shape: (32, 32) pixel
 dimensions: (4.00, 4.00) um, (55.64, 61.80) ou, (8.06, 8.06) au
 excitation wavelength: 488.0 nm
 emission wavelength: 520.0 nm
 numeric aperture: 1.20
 refractive index: 1.33
 half cone angle: 64.19 deg
 magnification: 1.00
 underfilling: 1.00
 pinhole radius: 0.550 um, 8.498 ou, 1.1086 au, 4.40 px
 computing time: ... ms
>>> obsvol[0, :3]
array([1.     , 0.51071, 0.04397])
>>> # save the image plane to file
>>> obsvol.slice(0).tofile('_test_slice.bin')
>>> # save a full 3D PSF volume to file
>>> obsvol.volume().tofile('_test_volume.bin')

Refer to the file in the source distribution for more examples.

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