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The cross-platform tool to work with remote connection using sockets

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The cross-platform simple tool to work with remote server through sockets. It can establish socket connection to a remote host:port, send commands and receive response. No need to send byte-string. Use usual strings to send command.


For most users, the recommended method to install is via pip:

pip install psocket

or from source:

python install


from psocket import SocketClient


from psocket import SocketClient

client = SocketClient(host='', port=3261)
from psocket import SocketClient

client = SocketClient(host='', port=3261, initialize=True)


1.1.4 (29.05.2023)
  • debug log extended with timeout error
  • global timeout management added
1.1.3 (26.05.2023)
  • Reading completion from the socket fixed
  • buffer size reduced to 4k
  • Logger extended
  • Refactoring
1.1.2 (25.05.2023)
  • buffer size increased to 8k
  • debug log added
1.1.1 (04.08.2022)
  • Detect command is completed by \n\n
1.1.0 (23.07.2022)
  • log format changed
1.0.9 (4.06.2022)
  • response now split lines (instead of .split('\n'))
  • logger now is static SocketClient
  • "greeting" class attr added
  • minor changes in logging format
  • socket timeout log level changed from debug to warning
1.0.8 (22.04.2022)
  • Set blocking after command send with it
1.0.7 (18.04.2022)
  • ._socket_response() renamed to ._receive_all() and changed to read huge amount of data from socket
  • buffer size changed to 4k (instead of 64k)
  • .send_command() extended with "timeout=None" param
1.0.6 (17.04.2022)
  • refactored to manage logger state
1.0.5 (6.04.2022)
  • logger moved inside class as attr in order to get access to it from outside
  • unknown attr access handling added
1.0.4 (14.06.2021)

Added host address logging

1.0.3 (12.03.2021)
  • Added ability to disable logs
  • "timeout connection" added as parameter with None default value
1.0.2 (15.01.2020)

Added "initialize" param to the constructor

1.0.1 (15.01.2020)
  • "is_host_available()" renamed to "is_socket_available()" and updated
  • used external logger from "plogger" package
1.0.0a4 (15.01.2020)
  • added init docstring
  • init notation changed:
    • host is string
    • port is integer
1.0.0a3 (14.01.2020)
  • removed timeout from socket connection
  • greeting and socket_response now are private methods
1.0.0a2 (13.01.2020)

Reverted "client". Now it is an attribute again to keep session alive

1.0.0a1 (13.01.2020)
  • Now connection creates with client property
  • New methods added:
    • is_host_available()
    • get_sock_name()
    • get_peer_name()
1.0.0a0 (13.01.2020)
  • initial commit

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