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Manage the connection and communications to a PSquared server.

Project description

psquared_client project

The psquared_client project contains both the psquared_client package that provides a python interface to a PSqaured server, and the pp-cli command line interface that uses that package to all copmmand line access to the server.

pp-cli executable

More details about the pp-cli executable can be found using its help option

pp-cli -h

but here are some examples of retrieving information. (Note: unless you are using the default local PSquared server you will need to the the environmental variable PP_APPLICATION to point the server you want to use.)

  • To list the currently active configurations

  • To list the known versions of a given configuration

    pp-cli -i <configuration>
  • To display the current state of one or more items for a configuration/version.

    pp-cli -i -V <version> <configuration> item ...
  • To display the history of one or more items for a configuration/version.

    pp-cli -H -V <version> <configuration> item ...
  • As an alternate, the list of items to be acted upon can be supplied in a file with one item per line. Thus the following displays the current state of a set of items listed in a file for a configuration/version.

    pp-cli -i -f <file> -V <version> <configuration>

Here are some examples of commands that affect the state of PSquared. (Note: you may need an authorized certificate to execute these types of commands.)

  • To submit one or more items for processing with a configuration/version.

    pp-cli -i -s -V <version> <configuration> item ...
  • To resolve the failure of one or more items for a configuration/version.

    pp-cli -i --resolve -V <version> <configuration> item ...

    The other transitions, submit, cancel, reset, 'abandonandrecover` have similar options.

psquared_client package

The psquared_client package provides the PSquared class that can be used to access a PSqaured server and a Display module that can display the responses of a PSquared server in a readable format.

PSquared class

The PSquared class provides various documents in reponse to a request to the PSquared server. The documents are in the form of a standard python ElementTree. Currently the following methods are supported.

  • get_application - returns the application document at the URL
  • get_configuration - returns the configuration document the named configuration
  • get_report - returns the requested report document
  • execute_submissions - submits a list of items for processing
  • execute_transitions - execute a transition for a list of items

Display module

The Display modules provides various methods for displaying the reponses that result from a request to the PSquared server. Currently the following methods are supported.

  • configurations - displays all the configurations contained in an application document
  • versions - displays all the versions of a named configuration
  • entry - displays the state of a given item
  • info - displays the states of a set of items contained in a report
  • histories - displays the history of one or more items contained in history document

Project details

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psquared_client-2.2.1.tar.gz (15.7 kB view hashes)

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psquared_client-2.2.1-py2.py3-none-any.whl (15.9 kB view hashes)

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