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Pluggable Transports Python interface & standalone tunnels

Project description


ptadapter is a Python 3 package that interfaces with Pluggable Transports.

Pluggable Transports (PT) are originally created for Tor as a modular, interchangeable (pluggable) method of tunneling and obfuscating network traffic (transport). This design makes PTs useful not only for Tor, but many other use cases where traffic obfuscation is desired. Learn more about Pluggable Transports at the dedicated website,

This package implements Version 1 of the Pluggable Transport specifications (relevant specs can be found in the specifications directory). Version 2 of the specs is in development: refer to the website linked above for progress.

(This package also implements Tor's Extended ORPort protocol, which can be optionally used to receive server connections from PTs.)

This package REQUIRES Python 3.7 or higher. It has no 3rd-party dependencies.

What's Included

This package implements several Python classes that execute and communicate with a PT subprocess, allowing connections to be made through the PT as a client, or received as a server. The code is built on top of asyncio, and uses the familiar StreamReader and StreamWriter for connections.

Also included is a ready-made tool that can run PTs as a standalone tunnel. No coding is necessary to use this.

What's Required

  • Python 3.7 or above.
  • The Pluggable Transport to be used, as an executable program. This may be installed from the repository, built from source, extracted from the Tor Browser Bundle, etc.

How to get this package

This package is now uploaded to PyPI, so install it the usual way:

pip install ptadapter

If you don't want to install, you could also clone this repository or download a source package, and put the ptadapter directory in the working directory or somewhere in your PYTHONPATH.

How to use PTs in you own Python program

Start with the Developer Guide page in the Documentation.

How to create a standalone PT tunnel

If the package is installed via pip, an entry script called ptadapter is created, so run the command below to see usage:

ptadapter --help

Otherwise, run:

python -m ptadapter --help

A configuration file should be provided to the script. The console script guide page in the Documentation includes an example config file with detailed comments; the example config file can also be found in this repository.

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ptadapter-3.0.0.tar.gz (20.0 kB view hashes)

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ptadapter-3.0.0-py3-none-any.whl (33.6 kB view hashes)

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