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PTPImg uploader, handles local files and URLs, from the commandline

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Upload image file or image URL to the image hosting.


Using pip:

pip install ptpimg_uploader


python install


  • Install python3 package requests (usually apt-get install python3-requests or pip3 install requests).

  • If you want clipboard support, install pyperclip too.

API key

To find your PTPImg API key, login to, open the page source (i.e. “View->Developer->View source” menu in Chrome), find the string api_key and copy the hexademical string from the value attribute. Your API key should look like 43fe0fee-f935-4084-8a38-3e632b0be68c.

You can export your API key (usually in .bashrc or .zshenv) using:

export PTPIMG_API_KEY=<your hex key>

or use the -k / --api-key command-line switch.

How to use


ptpimg_uploader -h

to get command-line help.

To upload an image file:

ptpimg_uploader ~/seed/mytorrent/folder.jpg

To rehost an imgur image:


An uploaded URL will be printed to the console.

If --bbcode parameter is specified, URLS will be wrapped in BBCode [img] tags:

ptpimg_uploader --bbcode ~/seed/mytorrent/folder.jpg

If pyperclip python package is installed, the URL will be additionally copied to the clipboard. Additionally, you can upload an URL from the clipboard:

ptpimg_uploader --clip

If output is a terminal, a bell will be ringed on completion (can be disabled with a --nobell parameter).

You can specify multiple files and URLs on the command line:

ptpimg_uploader ~/seed/mytorrent/folder.jpg

The resulting URLs are printed each on separate line, and copied to your clipboard with newlines in between.




  • mjpieters - a great refactoring and Python packaging

  • lukacoufyl - fixing image upload order

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