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Run command as REPL-environment

Project description


Make REPL out of any bash command

  • has bash completion
  • has vi mode
  • has PS1 parsing(experimental)
  • stores history in $XDG_DATA_HOME/ptrepl/history
  • bash like history expansion
  • list history
  • command mode
  • aliases


Requires python>=3.6, prompt_toolkit>=2.0.7,<3.0.0, pygments

Recommended way of installation is via pipx

pipx install ptrepl

ptrepl vendors


Basic Usage

$ ptrepl --help
Usage: ptrepl [OPTIONS] COMMAND

--prompt TEXT  Override prompt
--help         Show this message and exit.
$ ptrepl git
$ git >
# to call "git status"
$ git > status
# if you need execute some other bash command see system mode below

Custom prompt command

$ ptrepl git --prompt g
$ g >

Multiword command

$ ptrepl "echo prefix"
$ echo prefix > 1
echo prefix 1


Place settings file in :bash:$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/ptrepl/config.json

Here is example of config with enabled vi mode and git alias

    "settings": {
        "EXIT_COMMAND": "exit",
        "EDITING_MODE": "vi",
        "SHOW_MODE_IN_PROMPT": true,
        "EMACS_MODE_STRING": "@",
        "VI_INS_MODE_STRING": "+",
        "VI_CMD_MODE_STRING": ":",
        "READLINE_COMPLETION": false,
        "PARSE_PS1": false,
        "LOCAL_SHADA": false,
        "LOCAL_SHADA_PATH": "$PWD/.ptrepl/",
    "alias": {
        "git st": "git status"

Available settings

  • EXIT_COMMAND - change exit command
  • EDITING_MODE - choose mode vi/emacs
  • SHOW_MODE_IN_PROMPT - show editing mode string in prompt
  • EMACS_MODE_STRING - set emacs mode prompt string
  • VI_INS_MODE_STRING - set vi insert mode prompt string
  • VI_CMD_MODE_STRING - set vi command mode prompt string
  • READLINE_COMPLETION: use readline like completion instead of dropdown one
  • PARSE_PS1 {experimental} - will try to adgust ptrepl’s prompt according to your PS1 setting
  • LOCAL_SHADA - store shada(history) in LOCAL_SHADA_PATH
  • LOCAL_SHADA_PATH - path to local shada

Default settings

    "EXIT_COMMAND": "exit",
    "EDITING_MODE": "emacs",
    "SHOW_MODE_IN_PROMPT": false,
    "VI_INS_MODE_STRING": "(ins)",
    "VI_CMD_MODE_STRING": "(cmd)",
    "PARSE_PS1": false,
    "LOCAL_SHADA": false,
    "LOCAL_SHADA_PATH": "$DIRENV_DIR/.direnv/ptrepl/",


Parsing PS1(requires PARSE_PS1 set to true)

Here is how my bash prompt(PS1) looks like by default

{ptrepl} ~/Development/Python/ptrepl [master] |19:18:36 07-Feb-18|
+ ❯ ptrepl git
{ptrepl} ~/Development/Python/ptrepl [master] |19:20:15 07-Feb-18|
+ git ❯


$ ptrepl git
$ git > sta (press TAB)
# result
$ git > sta

Readline like completion(requires READLINE_COMPLETION set to true)

$ ptrepl git
$ git > sta (press TAB)
# result
$ git > sta
stage  stash  status

System mode

$ ptrepl git
$ git > (press Escape + !)
# result
# you could enter your shell commands here
Shell command: ls

Command mode

$ ptrepl git
$ git > (press Escape + :)
# result
# you could enter your command mode commands here
# to list history
Command mode: history

Bash like history expansion

$ ptrepl git
$ git > status
# repeat last command
$ git > !!
# repeat 10th command
$ git > !10
# repeat 10th command from bottom of history stack
$ git > !-10

Bash like aliases

$ ptrepl git
$ git > (press Escape + :)
# you could enter your command mode commands here
# to list alias
Command mode: alias
alias "git st"="git status"
$ git > st

Project details

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