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Azure Container Registry Geo Replication Multi-Lang Component (Go)

This repo provides an Azure Container Registry Geo Replication Pulumi Component. Even though the component itself is written in Go, it is consumable from any language Pulumi supports.

An example Registry component resource is available in provider/pkg/provider/registryGeoReplication.go. This component provides a new Azure Container Registry with geo-replication.

Note that the generated provider plugin (pulumi-resource-azure-quickstart-acr-geo-replication) must be on your PATH to be used by Pulumi deployments. If creating a provider for distribution to other users, you should ensure they install this plugin to their PATH.


  • Go 1.15
  • Pulumi CLI
  • Node.js (to build the Node.js SDK)
  • Yarn (to build the Node.js SDK)
  • Python 3.6+ (to build the Python SDK)
  • .NET Core SDK (to build the .NET SDK)

Build and Test

# Build and install the provider (plugin copied to $GOPATH/bin)
make install_provider

# Regenerate SDKs
make generate

# Test Node.js SDK
$ make install_nodejs_sdk
$ cd examples/simple
$ yarn install
$ yarn link @pulumi/acrgeoreplication
$ pulumi stack init test
$ pulumi up

Thoughts before publishing

  • Should we give the user the ability to choose the Sku? It must be Premium to allow this feature.
  • Should we have the user pass in the name of the resource group, or the resource group itself (as a ref)?
  • Do the dotnet example

Just After Publishing

  • Update requirments.txt to be accurate.

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