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A Pulumi package for building Docker images with Buildkit.

Project description

Docker Buildkit Pulumi Provider

A Pulumi provider that builds and pushes a Docker image to a registry using Buildkit.


Why use this provider over the official pulumi-docker provider? This provider fixes many of the bugs with the official Docker provider:

  • pulumi preview does not silently block while waiting for the Docker image to build.
  • Output from docker build streams to the terminal during pulumi up.
  • docker build is not invoked if nothing in the build context has changed.
  • Changes to the build context cause a diff to appear during pulumi preview.

It also provides several new features:

  • Support for cross-building images (e.g., building a linux/arm64 image on a linux/amd64 host.)
  • Automatic inline caching.

There are a few limitations though. The Image resource is much less configurable than the Image resource in the official Docker provider. And there is no support whatsoever for the other resource types, like Container or Secret.

Usage example

To build and push an image to an AWS ECR repository:

import base64

import pulumi
import pulumi_aws as aws
import pulumi_docker_buildkit as docker_buildkit

def get_registry_info(registry_id):
    credentials = aws.ecr.get_credentials(registry_id)
    username, password = base64.b64decode(credentials.authorization_token).decode().split(":")
    return docker_buildkit.RegistryArgs(

repo = aws.ecr.Repository("repo")
image = docker_buildkit.Image(

Warning: Be sure to aggressively exclude files in your .dockerignore. The Image resource hashes all files in the build context before determining whether to invoke docker build. This is fast, unless you have tens of thousands of files in your build context. The .git directory and node_modules are the usual culprits.

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pulumi_docker_buildkit-0.1.27.tar.gz (9.4 kB view hashes)

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