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Purge old files using constraints

Project description

Simple tool to delete old files using a set of contraints.

If --include if used, only files matching the provided glob pattern are considered. This option can be used multiple times. By default, all files are considered.


$ purge-old-files -h
usage: purge-old-files [-h] [--debug | --quiet] [--syslog] [--dry-run]
                       [--include PATTERN] [--exclude PATTERN]
                       MIN_AGE [DIRECTORY [DIRECTORY ...]]

positional arguments:
  MIN_AGE               Minimum age of files
  DIRECTORY             Directory or glob pattern to be scanned (multiple
                        directories can be provided)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --debug, -D           Show debug messages
  --quiet, -q           Only show warning messages
  --syslog, -s          Send log messages to /dev/log instead of stdout
  --dry-run, -d         Show which files should be deleted
  --include PATTERN, -i PATTERN
                        Include only files matching pattern
  --exclude PATTERN, -e PATTERN
                        Exclude files matching pattern

# Purge *.log files in /logs when they are older than 3 days
$ purge-old-files --include '*.log' 3d /logs

# Delete files from /backup when they are older than 1 week
$ purge-old-files 1w /backup

# Show which files from /backup are older than 3 months
$ purge-old-files --dry-run 3M /backup

File minimum age

Supported units:

  • s: seconds

  • m: minutes

  • h: hours

  • d: days

  • w: weeks

  • M: months (30 days)

  • y: years (365 days)


$ pip install purge-old-files


  • Python 3.x


  • Do you know you can do this with a simple shell script using find?

    Yep. I wrote those for years. They are also painful to maintain. And error prone. Feel free to use a shell script. :)

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