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Test runner for py.test with web GUI

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Test runner for py.test test framework with web GUI

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Getting Started

purkinje is a browser application intended to run on a spare monitor. It shows results of automated tests in realtime. Currently, the only supported test framework is py.test.

To use purkinje:

Option 1: with Docker

Quickstart using default configuration

Pull and start purkinje:

docker run -ti -p15000:5000   --rm bbiskup/purkinje_dist:latest

Open the URL http://localhost:15000/ in your browser.

Customizing the configuration

Create a configuration file purkinje.yml with the following contents:

    logLevel: debug
    debugMode: yes
    serverPort: 5000
    serverHost: localhost

Pull and start purkinje:

docker run -ti -p15000:5000  -v$PWD/docker/purkinje.yml:/code/purkinje.yml --rm bbiskup/purkinje_dist:latest purkinje -c purkinje.yml

Open the URL http://localhost:15000/ in your browser.

  • Port 15000 is the port on which you access the purkinje web app with your browser; this may have to be changed in case the port is already in use
  • Port 5000 is the port inside the container; may not be changed.

Option 2: without Docker

Create a virtual environment for purkinje and activate it:

mkvirtualenv purkinje
workon purkinje

Install purkinje:

pip install purkinje

Optionally, create a configuration file purkinje.yml with the following contents:

    logLevel: debug
    debugMode: yes
    serverPort: 5000
    serverHost: localhost

Launch it:

purkinje -f purkinje.yml

or, without configuration file:


Open it in a browser:

google-chrome http://localhost:5000/

Prepare your Python/py.test project for reporting to purkinje. In your project’s virtualenv, install the py.test plugin for purkinje:

pip install pytest-purkinje

This will automatically activate the plugin and test results will be sent to the purkinje server. If you changed the host and/or port, specify them in your project’s pytest.ini:

    addopts = --websocket_host myhost --websocket_port 40000

If the settings should be incorrect, there will be a warning message but your tests will execute nevertheless. You may add -p no:purkinje to pytest.ini or as a command line argument to py.test to disable the purkinje plugin.

Run your tests. The results should be visible in the browser:


Alternatively, you may run purkinje_runner in your project directory. It will automatically detect changes the the sources and execute py.test:


Known Limitations

  • Security: There is no access restriction; for now, use only on the local machine

    • Anyone can use the web application
    • Anyone can send test results to the purkinje server

    By default, the server is running on localhost and not accessible from other machines.

  • Only a single test suite

    If you run multiple purkinje-enabled test suites simultaneously, test results will get mixed up. This might change in a future version.

System Requirements

  • Python 2.7.
  • tested on Ubuntu 16.04
  • needs a modern browser that supports WebSockets
  • Python development packages (python-dev on Ubuntu) are required to build the dependency gevent.

Supported Python versions

  • Currently, only 2.7.x is supported. Python 3 support is blocked by the following packages:
    • cssmin
    • inotifyx (which is blocking gevent_inotifyx)

Supported Operating Systems

  • The server part has only been tested on Ubuntu Linux 14.04 and 16.04 (64 bit).
  • The web application should work on any operating system using a modern browser (tested with Chrome 40-57 and Firefox 35-53).


Source code

Development environment

Docker and docker-compose required to develop purkinje.

Installation instructions for

  • Docker engine
  • docker-compose
    Note: docker-compose version >= 1.6 is required because the docker-compose*yml files use syntax version 2.

Apart from Docker, GNU make is required. All other development tools and dependencies are provided by the Docker configuration.

In the top-level directory purkinje, run:


The development environment may be used either by running various make commands based on docker.cmd, or interactively by running:

make bash

The Docker image for distribution is built by the make target build-docker-dist-img; see .travis.yml.


Some minor changes were omitted from this list. For details, see git log.

Release 0.1.10


  • Experimental support for Python 3.5
  • updated some dependendencies

Release 0.1.9


  • Reduced size of purkinje package - don’t add web assets cache - remove some unnecessary JS resources
  • Configurable asset compression
  • Updated most third-party Python libs
  • Updated some third-party JavaScript libs
  • Added cache control header
  • Added warning about hanging Flask server with gevent when watchdog package is installed
  • misc. minor fixes

Release 0.1.8


  • Changed demo server URL (HostEurope server)
  • Upgraded py version
  • Removed obsolete debug output of problematic JS package simple-statistics
  • Pin version of simple-statistics to 0.9.0, as 0.9.2 has error
  • Miscellaneous fixes/improvements related to Travis
  • Shorter test function names
  • Miscellaneous code style improvements
  • Set github homepage

Release 0.1.7


  • Fix: Removed duplicate dependency (fixes Travis build)
  • Syntax highlighting for YAML/INI fragments in README.rst (thanks to Marc Abramowitz)

Release 0.1.6


  • Fix: Added install_requires to
  • Fix: Added missing requirements cssmin, pyaml

Release 0.1.5


  • Updated documentation with regard to new pytest-purkinje plugin parameters

Release 0.1.4


  • Fix: formatting in README.rst

Release 0.1.3


  • Fix: formatting in README.rst

Release 0.1.2


  • Optional configuration file
  • logLevel, debugMode, serverPort configurable
  • disabled desktop notifications
  • Arial as fallback for Droid Sans font (the latter may not be available on Windows)

Release 0.1.1


  • Hide button for creation of dummy data

Release 0.1.0


  • Basic functionality: ability to display running test suite
  • restricted to local network interface (no access restriction on sending and viewing test results)

Start of Development


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