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Personal URL shortener for personal domains.

Project description

Personal URL Shortener.

Today, we can use or or any of the other publicly available URL shorteners out there, but doing so limits us in the shortURLs we can choose, because the namespace is crowded with every other user.

With the abundance of new TLDs, it is once again possible for an individual to register a short personal domain relatively cheaply. With that domain in hand, allows one to quickly and easily host one’s own URL shortener with minimal dependencies and almost no setup.

Usage runs on port 8880 by default, so if one is running Apache primarily, the following two lines of configuration in the Apache configuration file are sufficient to redirect the prefix /u/ to

ProxyPass /u/ http://localhost:8880/
ProxyPassReverse /u/ http://localhost:8880/

The simplest invocation of requires only the domain prefix of the shortened URL’s to be passed. For example, if my domain prefix is, I can invoke purls as follows:



This software is only compatible with Python 2, so installation must be done with one of the following commands:

pip2 install purls
pip2.7 install purls

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purls-0.0.3.tar.gz (6.0 kB view hashes)

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