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pWSGI is a async wsgi implentation based on pulsar wsgi

Project description


`pWSGI` is a WSGI wrapper with `pulsar`. It can easily map a wsgi app (such as
`Flask app` or `djang app`) to a `pulsar wsgi app` with full features supporting by `pulsar`.

# How To Use

* Basic

usage: pwsgi [-h]

pWsgi - a pulsar based async wsgi implentation 0.1

optional arguments:
-a APP, --app APP path of wsgi app, required
-w WORK_PATH, --work_path WORK_PATH
work path of wsgi app [default: ./]

* Run as pulsar wsgi


(shadowfax) ➜ thunder-dev pwsgi -a wsgiapp -w ./shadowfax -h
usage: pwsgi [-h]

pWsgi - a pulsar based async wsgi implentation 0.1

optional arguments:
-a APP, --app APP path of wsgi app, required
-w WORK_PATH, --work_path WORK_PATH
work path of wsgi app [default: ./]

usage: pwsgi [-h] [--version] [-c FILE] [--http-proxy HTTP_PROXY]
[--http-keep-alive HTTP_KEEP_ALIVE] [--debug] [-D] [--reload]
[-p FILE] [--password PASSWORD] [-u USER] [-g GROUP]
[--log-level LOG_LEVEL [LOG_LEVEL ...]]
[--log-handlers LOG_HANDLERS [LOG_HANDLERS ...]] [-n STRING]
[--coverage] [--data-store CONNECTION STRING] [--exc-id EXC_ID]
[--io {kqueue,poll,select,uv}] [--redis-py-parser]
[--redis-server CONNECTION_STRING] [-b ADDRESS]
[--keep-alive KEEP_ALIVE] [--backlog BACKLOG] [--key-file FILE]
[--cert-file FILE] [-w WORKERS]
[--concurrency {process,thread,coroutine,multi}]
[--max-requests MAX_REQUESTS] [-t TIMEOUT]
[--thread-workers THREAD_WORKERS]

Pulsar server

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--version show program's version number and exit
-c FILE, --config FILE
The path to a Pulsar config file, where default
Settings parameters can be specified. []
--http-proxy HTTP_PROXY
The HTTP proxy server to use with HttpClient. []
--http-keep-alive HTTP_KEEP_ALIVE
Keep HTTP connections alive for this number of seconds
--debug Turn on debugging. [False]
-D, --daemon Daemonize the pulsar process (posix only). [False]
--reload Auto reload modules when changes occurs. [False]
-p FILE, --pid-file FILE
A filename to use for the PID file. [None]
--password PASSWORD Set a password for the server [None]
-u USER, --user USER Switch worker processes to run as this user. [None]
-g GROUP, --group GROUP
Switch worker process to run as this group. [None]
--log-level LOG_LEVEL [LOG_LEVEL ...]
The granularity of log outputs. [['info']]
--log-handlers LOG_HANDLERS [LOG_HANDLERS ...]
Log handlers for pulsar server [['console']]
-n STRING, --process-name STRING
A base to use with setproctitle for process naming.
--coverage Collect code coverage from all spawn actors. [False]
Default data store. []
--exc-id EXC_ID Execution ID. []
--io {kqueue,poll,select,uv}
Specify the event loop used for I/O event polling.
--redis-py-parser Use the python redis parser rather the C
implementation. [False]
--redis-server CONNECTION_STRING
Default connection string for the redis server
The socket to bind. []
--keep-alive KEEP_ALIVE
The number of seconds to keep an idle client
connection open. [15]
--backlog BACKLOG The maximum number of queued connections in a socket.
--key-file FILE SSL key file [None]
--cert-file FILE SSL certificate file [None]
-w WORKERS, --workers WORKERS
The number of workers for handling requests. [1]
--concurrency {process,thread,coroutine,multi}
The type of concurrency to use. [process]
--max-requests MAX_REQUESTS
The maximum number of requests a worker will process
before restarting. [0]
-t TIMEOUT, --timeout TIMEOUT
Workers silent for more than this many seconds are
killed and restarted. [30]
--thread-workers THREAD_WORKERS
Maximum number of threads used by the actor event loop
executor. [5]

Have fun!


# Router

`pwsgi` provide `flask like router`.

from pwsgi import BluePrint

app = BluePrint('/')

@app.router('/hello', methods=['post'])
def world(request):
return wsgi.WsgiResponse(200, 'world')

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