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# py-db-wrapper
Shallow wrapper for convenience tools for db management

## TODO:
* Utils - HiveUtils.get_table_columns(). This should probabkly be generic not in Hive utils.
* Statements - standardise the use of database (or schema) and table (or tablename)

## Examples

## Connections
The connection class is a simple wrapper to simplify connecting to know database types.Currently supports MSSQL, MYSQL and HIVE.
### Making a sql alchemy engine

azure_sre_connection = AzureConnection(

azure_sre_engine = azure_sre_connection.connect()

## Statements
Statement classes are designed to help make various sql statements for different dialect.

columns = HiveUtils.get_table_columns(hive_engine=engine, database='foo', tablename='bar')

stmt = CreateTableStatement(dialect=dialect.Mssql, columns=columns)
sql = stmt.get_sql(schema='doo',table='dar')

## Developer notes

Package deployment etc

python test

python sdist bdist_egg
twine upload --repository-url dist/*

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