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Elliptic curve crypto in python including secp256k1 and alt_bn128

Project description

Elliptic curve crypto in python including secp256k1 and alt_bn128

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## Quickstart
pip install py_ecc

## BLS Signatures

from py_ecc import bls

domain = 43

private_key = 5566
public_key = bls.privtopub(private_key)

# Hash your message to 32 bytes
message_hash = b'\xab' * 32

# Signing
signature = bls.sign(message_hash, private_key, domain)

# Verifying
assert bls.verify(message_hash, public_key, signature, domain)

Think of a `domain` as a version. Signing and verifying would not work on different domains. Setting a new domain in an upgraded system prevents it from being affected by the old messages and signatures.

### Aggregating Signatures and Public Keys

private_keys = [3, 14, 159]
public_keys = [bls.privtopub(key) for key in private_keys]
signatures = [bls.sign(message_hash, key, domain) for key in private_keys]

# Aggregating
agg_sig = bls.aggregate_signatures(signatures)
agg_pub = bls.aggregate_pubkeys(public_keys)

# Verifying
assert bls.verify(message_hash, agg_pub, agg_sig, domain)

### Multiple Aggregation

message_hash_1, message_hash_2 = b'\xaa' * 32, b'\xbb' * 32

msg_hashes = [message_hash_1, message_hash_2]
agg_pubs = [agg_pub_1, agg_pub_2]
agg_agg_sig = bls.aggregate_signatures([agg_sig_1, agg_sig_2])

assert bls.verify_multiple(agg_pubs, msg_hashes, agg_agg_sig, domain)

## Developer Setup

If you would like to hack on py_ecc, please check out the [Ethereum Development Tactical Manual]( for information on how we do:

- Testing
- Pull Requests
- Code Style
- Documentation

## Got bug?
Feel free to create issue under

## Copyright and Licensing
Project is licensed under the MIT license.

## Release setup

To release a new version:

make release bump=$$VERSION_PART_TO_BUMP$$

#### How to bumpversion

The version format for this repo is `{major}.{minor}.{patch}` for stable, and
`{major}.{minor}.{patch}-{stage}.{devnum}` for unstable (`stage` can be alpha or beta).

To issue the next version in line, specify which part to bump,
like `make release bump=minor` or `make release bump=devnum`.

If you are in a beta version, `make release bump=stage` will switch to a stable.

To issue an unstable version when the current version is stable, specify the
new version explicitly, like `make release bump="--new-version 4.0.0-alpha.1 devnum"`

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