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Add a border to any image.

Project description


py-image-border is a simple project that lets you easily add borders to screenshots:

$ add-border my_screenshot.png

Installation sets up an add-border shortcut, so you don't need to use any python commands to use the project. If you want, you can also use the following syntax:

$ python -m py_image_border.add_border my_screenshot.png


Install the package with pip:

$ python -m pip install py-image-border

The only dependency is Pillow.


You can adjust the size of the border, add some padding between the image and border, and set a custom color for the border:

# 15-pixel border:
$ add-border my_screenshot.png 15

# 10-pixel padding:
$ add-border my_screenshot.png --padding 10

# black border:
$ add-border my_screenshot.png --border-color black

To see the full usage documentation, use --help:

usage: add-border [-h] [--padding PADDING] [--border-color BORDER_COLOR] path [border_width]

Add a border to any image.

positional arguments:
  path                  Path to the original image.
  border_width          Border width (default: 2).

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --padding PADDING     Padding (default: 0).
  --border-color BORDER_COLOR
                        Border color (default: lightgray).


This project was motivated by the lack of an easy, consistent way to add borders to screenshots on macOS.

The test image is a bear I caught with a game camera, scratching its back against a tree:

Bear scratching its back against a tree

I had left the game camera out much longer than expected, and had about 100k images to go through. I wrote a Python script to flag any image with an area of dark pixels. This was one of about 12 images flagged. :)

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