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Decorator based toolkit to use JSONRPC easy like Flask. Asyncio supported.

Project description



Simple and Pluggable JSON RPC toolkit to declare procedures super easy like Flask.

PY-JSON-RPC supports async function handling!! It could improve your batch call performance.

## Install

$ pip install py-json-rpc

## Sample

### None async

Tornado is not a required. Just an sample to create HTTP handler. You can use other HTTP handling solution Flask, Django... if you would like to.


import json

import requests
import tornado.ioloop
import tornado.web

from json_rpc import register, rpc_dispatcher, make_request
from json_rpc.server.http import create_handler

# define method very easy
def aa(aa):
return aa + ' called'

# you can appoint method name for rpc call
def hoge(x, y):
return x + y

if __name__ == '__main__':
# you can call functions simply
# => 'cc called'

# you can call function via json rpc protocol
rpc = rpc_dispatcher({
'jsonrpc': '2.0',
'method': 'aa',
'params': {'aa': 'rpc'},
'id': '111',
rpc2 = rpc_dispatcher(make_request('test/hyoe', {'x': 20, 'y': 10}))
# => {"jsonrpc": "2.0", "result": "cccc called", "id": "111"}
# => u'{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "result": "cccc called", "id": "some_uuid_for_you"}'

# there is HTTP server to receive rpc call
def make_app():
return tornado.web.Application([
(r'/rpc', create_handler(tornado.web.RequestHandler)),
app = make_app()

example to make rpc request
print('http://localhost:8888/rpc', data=json.dumps(make_request('aa', {'aa': 'cccc '}))).text)
# => {"jsonrpc": "2.0", "result": "cccc called", "id": "some_uuid_for_you"}
print('http://localhost:8888/rpc', data=json.dumps(make_request('test/hyoe', {'x': 3, 'y': 3}))).text)
# => "jsonrpc": "2.0", "result": 6, "id": "cff9667f-a520-42cf-9216-ef2fa051a213"}


### Async


loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()
app = Registrator(loop=loop)

async def plus_rpc(x, y):
return x + y

async def minus(x, y):
return x - y

async def heavy_request(a):
print(f'start heavy request... {a}sec')
await asyncio.sleep(a)
print('end heavy request...')
return 'home page!'

No difference with none async version to call those functions.
More samples in test code. Document is under writing...

def test_plain():
The func is going to be async as it was if it was called normally.
result = asyncio.ensure_future(plus_rpc(1, 2))
result = loop.run_until_complete(result)
assert result == 3, result

def test_positional_rpc_call():
rpc_result = app.dispatch({
'jsonrpc': '2.0',
'method': 'plus_rpc',
'params': [1, 2],
'id': 111,
assert rpc_result.get('result') == 3, rpc_result


### Integrate with Tornado

You can see `from json_rpc.server.http import create_handler` and the usage in the example on above. A function `create_handler` will create a handler instance for Tornado.
Please be aware that the instance haven't implement any security functionality. In case you'd like to a RPC end point to be public, you might want to consider create a handler by yourself (or feel free to open an issue ...or PR of course!).

### Integrate with Flask

Small sample

import json

from flask import Flask, request
from json_rpc import register, rpc_dispatcher

app = Flask(__name__)

def hoge(name):
return f'{name} called'

@app.route('/', methods=['POST'])
def hello():
result = rpc_dispatcher(request.json)
return json.dumps(result)

To test:

>>> print('http://localhost:5000', json=make_request('hoge', ['cccc'])).text)

### Integrate with Django

See Flask. View can be integrate with this module easily.

## Fully supports JSON RPC protocol

List argument, named argument, notify, batch request and proper error codes.

## Supported Python versions

Greater than or equal to Python 3.6

## Road Map

- Security instruction

- WebSocket sample

- MQTT server or GNATS daemon sample

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