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Helps build AWS Lambda zip files for Python projects.

Project description

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A Python AWS Lambda packager. This projects is very loosely based on the work in serverless-wsgi.

NOTICE: This project is a work in progress and should be considered unstable.


  • Written to run under both Python 3.6 and 2.7.

  • Generates Python 3.6 and 2.7 AWS Lambda Deployment Packages, user configurable.

  • AWS Lambda Deployment Packages are generated in isolated, temporary virtualenvs.

  • Per project configuration files to cut down on typing.

  • Can be easily be included and integrated into other projects as a library.



Latest stable
$ pip install py-lambda-packer
Bleeding edge

To install directly the bleeding edge version from GitHub:

$ pip install git+

To install a specific tag or branch, replace master in the URL of the previous command with the desired name.

Quick start

Quick example command to generate for upload to AWS as a Lambda Function

$ py-lambda-packer --requirement requirements.txt --package . \
    --python python3.6 --include LICENSE

Command help

Command help information:

$ py-lambda-packer --help

usage: py-lambda-packer [-h] [--config-file CONFIG_FILE] [--include INCLUDES]
                        [--exclude EXCLUDES] [--followlinks]
                        [--virtualenv-dir VIRTUALENV_DIR] [--keep-virtualenv]
                        [--python PYTHON] [--requirement REQUIREMENTS]
                        [--package PACKAGES] [--output OUTPUT]
                        [--archive-dir ARCHIVE_DIR] [--keep-archive]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --config-file CONFIG_FILE
                        location of configuration file (default: ./py-lambda-
  --include INCLUDES    glob pattern of what to include, multiple allowed
                        (default is empty)
  --exclude EXCLUDES    glob pattern of what to exclude, multiple allowed
                        (default is empty)
  --followlinks         follows symbolic links (default=False)
  --virtualenv-dir VIRTUALENV_DIR
                        directory to build the virtualenv in (default is a tmp
  --keep-virtualenv     do not delete virtualenv build directory when set
  --python PYTHON       version of python to build virtualenv with (default is
                        pip requirements file to read, multiple allowed
                        (default is empty)
  --package PACKAGES, -p PACKAGES
                        pip package index options, multiple allowed (default
                        is empty)
  --output OUTPUT, -o OUTPUT
                        name of output zip file (default is py-lambda-
  --archive-dir ARCHIVE_DIR
                        directory to build the archive in (default is a tmp
  --keep-archive        do not delete archive build directory when set
  --generate-config     prints thedefault configuration to help create one

Project configuration

Project configuration file are named py-lambda-packer.yaml in the base directory of your project. Here is an example:

  python: python2.7
      - requirements.txt
      - .
      - Flask

  followlinks: true
    - static/**
    - templates/**/*.html
    - static/**/*.tmp

To generate a configuration file, try the py-lambda-packer --generate-config command.

Todo list

  • Bump up code coverage limit back up to 80% and fix failing source files.

  • Add comments to configuration file created by py-lambda-packer --generate-config.

  • Document the py-lambda-packer API so that it can be imported as a library into other projects.

  • Make the colorlog Python package optional to allow py-lambda-packer to be imported into other projects as a library more cleanly.

  • Plugin support.

  • Support building packages with C and C++ Python extensions. Thinking out loud… Spin up an EC2 instance on the fly via something like HashiCorp Packer, build, package, destroy instance.

  • Clean up Windows compatibility. (I do not have access to a Windows based system, so any contributions here would be greatly appreciated.)

  • Support packaging for other Function as a Service (FaaS) platforms provided by : Azure, Google Cloud, etc.


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