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A module for getting the OS type, brand, release, and kernel with Python 2 & 3

Project description

Py-osinfo should work without any extra programs or libraries, beyond what your OS provides. The goal is for this to work on every OS that Python supports. Works on Linux, OS X, Windows, BSD, Solaris, Cygwin, and Haiku.

Pip install

sudo pip install py-osinfo

sudo pip3 install py-osinfo

from osinfo import osinfo

Run as a script

$ python
type: Linux
brand: Slackware
release: 14.1
kernel: (3, 13, 0)

Run as a library

import osinfo
os_type, os_brand, os_release, os_kernel = osinfo.get_os_info()

if os_type in osinfo.OSType.linux:
    print("Looks like you're using Linux.")

    if os_kernel < (3, 13, 1):
        print("Your Linux kernel version is too old!")

if os_brand in osinfo.OSBrand.CentOS:
    print("Looks like you're using CentOS.")

if os_release == '99.01':
    print("OMG CentOS from 2099. Can I see the sorce code?")



type: Linux
brand: CentOS
release: 6.5
kernel: (2, 6, 32)


type: Cygwin
brand: CYGWIN_NT-6.3
release: 1.7.32
kernel: (1, 7, 32)

Crunch Bang

type: Linux
brand: CrunchBang
release: 11
kernel: (3, 2, 0)


type: Linux
brand: Debian
release: 7.6
kernel: (3, 2, 0)

Fedora 20

type: Linux
brand: Fedora
release: 20

FreeBSD 10

type: BSD
brand: FreeBSD
release: 10.0


type: BeOS
brand: Haiku
release: 1
kernel: (1,)

Linux Mint

type: Linux
brand: LinuxMint
release: 10.9.4
kernel: (3, 11, 10)


type: Linux
brand: Manjaro
release: 0.8.10
kernel: (3, 12, 20)

Mac OS X

type: MacOS
brand: OSX
release: 10.9.4
kernel: (13, 3, 0)


type: BSD
brand: NetBSD
release: 6.1.4

Open Indiana

type: Solaris
brand: OpenIndiana
release: 151a8
kernel: (5, 11)

open SUSE

type: Linux
brand: openSUSE
release: 13.1
kernel: (3, 11, 10)


type: Solaris
brand: OpenSXCE
release: pensxce2014.05__illumos20140505
kernel: (5, 11)


type: BSD
brand: FreeBSD
release: 10.0-release-p13


type: Linux
brand: Redhat
release: 6.5
kernel: (2, 6, 32)


type: Linux
brand: Sabayon
release: 5.5
kernel: (2, 6, 37)

Scientific Linux

type: Linux
brand: ScientificLinux
release: 6.5
kernel: (2, 6, 32)

Ubuntu 14.04

type: Linux
brand: Ubuntu
release: 14.04
kernel: (3, 13, 0)

Windows 7

type: Windows
brand: Windows7
release: 6.1.7601
kernel: (6, 1, 7601)

Windows 8

type: Windows
brand: Windows8
release: 6.2.9200
kernel: (6, 2, 9200)

Windows XP

type: Windows
brand: WindowsXP
release: 5.1.2600
kernel: (5, 1, 2600)

Please submit a pull request with the results for your favorite OS!

Bugs and Corrections

Please report a Bug if you suspect any of this information is wrong.

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