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A wrapper for interacting with the CLU Lab's processors library.

Project description

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# Contents
- [Text processors](
- [Rule-based IE with Odin](
- [Annotating text](
- [API Reference](
- [A walkthrough example](
- [Running the tests](
- [FAQ](
- [History](

# What is it?
`py-processors` is a Python wrapper for the CLU Lab's [`processors`]( NLP library. `py-processors` relies on [`processors-server`](

Though [compatible*]( with Python 2.x, this library was developed with 3.x in mind.

# Requirements
The server component can be run either via `docker` or directly with `java`.

## Option 1
- [`docker`]( and the [`myedibleenso/processors-server`]( container

## Option 2
- [Java 8](
- [`processor-sever`]( (v3.1.0)
- this dependency will be retrieved automatically during installation
- At least 2GB of RAM free for the server (I recommend 3GB+)

# Installation

`py-processors` can be installed via `pip`. The library also has a `jupyter` extras module which adds widgets/visualizations to `juypter` notebooks.

### basic installation
pip install py-processors

### basic + `jupyter` notebook widgets
pip install py-processors[jupyter]

### bleeding edge
pip install git+

# How to use it?

See [the walkthrough example](

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