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Library for facilitating survey administration with Qualtrics. Requires Qualtrics API.

Project description

This package includes methods for using the Qualtrics API to:

  • Copy a survey

  • Delete a survey

  • Activate a survey

  • Create a mailing list

  • Delete a mailing list

  • Add contacts to a mailing list

  • Generate unique survey links for members of a mailing list

  • Create a message for the message library

  • Distribute a survey to a mailing list using a message from the message library


pip install py_qualtrics_api


Sample usage:

import as pq
import pandas as pd

q = pq.QualtricsAPI('config.yml')

# copy survey
sid = q.copy_survey('SV_0abc05URqqrhMOO', 'My new survey')

# delete survey
success = q.delete_survey(sid)

# copy survey, then activate the new survey
sid = q.copy_survey('SV_0abc05URqqrhMOO', 'My new survey')
success = q.activate_survey(sid)

# create mailing list and add records from a Pandas dataframe
# dataframe must contain an 'email' column (not case sensitive)
# other optional special columns are: 'firstname', 'lastname',
# 'externaldataref', 'unsubscribed' (defaults to false),
# 'language' (defaults to en)
# none of these special column names are case sensitive, so
# ExTeRnAlDaTaRef would be acceptable
mail_list = pd.read_csv('test_mailing_list.csv')
ml_id = q.create_mailing_list('New mailing list',

# generate individual survey links for a mailing list
# optional parameter link_type defaults to 'Individual' but other
# valid values are 'Multiple' and 'Anonymous'
# return value is a pandas data frame of the core contact info with
# the following added columns: contactId, exceededContactFrequency,
# 'link', 'linkExpiration', 'status', 'unsubscribed'
links = q.get_links_for_mailing_list(sid, ml_id)

Sample config file (config.yml):

api_token: '4ru9we8fuper9ugergijergoijer34gierj876'
data_center: 'co1'
default_survey_owner: 'UR_3wjehoefof93s'
default_library_owner: 'UR_3wjehoefof93s'

If you don’t wish to store your API token in the configuration file, you can omit that line. If the API token isn’t present in the configuration file, you will be prompted for it when you create a QualtricsAPI object.

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