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Python bindings for the developer API

Project description


This package provides a python wrapper to the Soocial developer API. Soocial is a web service that facilitates contact management by syncing across mutliple devices.

Basic Usage

Import Soocial and provide it with your Soocial email and password:

>>> from soocial import Soocial
>>> myemail = ''
>>> mypassword '***'
>>> soo = Soocial(myemail, mypassword)

You have the following API available:

  • def __contains__(id): does the contact with id id exist?

  • def __iter__(): for contact in soo: # do stuff with contact

  • def __len__(): no_of_contacts = len(soo)

  • def __nonzero__(): if soo: # do stuff

  • def __getitem__(id): mycontact = soo[id]

  • def __setitem__(id, postdata): soo[id] = {…} # n.b. rather limited atm

  • def __delitem__(id): del soo[id]

  • def add(postdata): soo.add({…}) # ltd

  • def get_all_vcards(parse=True): get all contacts as a list of vcards

  • def get_vcard(id, parse=True): get contact as vcard

  • def get_phones(id): get list of contact’s telephone numbers

  • def get_emails(id): get list of contacts’s emails

  • def get_urls(id): get list of contacts’s urls

  • def get_addresses(id): get list of contacts’s addresses

  • def get_organisations(id): get list of contacts’s organisations

  • def get_user(): get small set of user data

  • def get_connection_phones(): get phone number of user’s connections

Example Usage

See soocial.client.Soocial.__doc__.


To run the tests create an empty soocial account, temporarily hack your email and password into .client.Soocial’s doc string and run:

$ python nosetests --with-doctest

Then perhaps remove your email and password from the doc string ;)


  • the API doesn’t support HEAD requests, which would be handy for checking existence without incurring extra request size overhead of GET

  • the /contact* REST seems the wrong way round: using POST for add and PUT for edit

  • parameter names don’t correspond to returned XML element names (i.e.: first_name becomes given-name

  • write access to the elements contained by a contact (email, url, phone, etc.) seems not to be working as documented; in fact, it would be nice to have some documentation on the right URLs and the right parameters

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