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Utilities for converting rich text markup files to XLIFF format

Project description

This package provides a set of utilities for converting rich-text markup files to OASIS XLIFF translatable format. Currently only HTML <=> XLIFF 1.2 conversion is supported.


Python XLIFF Converter can be installed using pip:

pip install py-xliff-converter



Command line:

html2xliff <myfile>.html

This command will create <myfile>.xlf file that can be translated using most common online and offline CAT tools: Trados, memoQ, Transifex etc.


from xliff_converter.html_parser import convert_html
with open(html_filename, 'r', encoding='utf-8') as fo:
    html =
xliff = convert_html(html, html_filename)

The convert_html(...) function returns translatable XLIFF document as bytes string encoded in UTF-8.


Command line:

xliff2html <myfile>.xlf

This command will create <myfile>_<lang>.html file containing translated content of the source HTML file. <lang> is the language code of a target language.


from xliff_converter.html_rebuilder import rebuild_html
with open(xliff_filename, 'r', encoding='utf-8') as fo:
    xliff =
filename, html = rebuild_html(xliff)

The rebuild_html(...) function returns a tuple (named tuple) containing the name of a translated HTML file and its contents as str.


  • Currently Python XLIFF Converter supports only English as a source language.

  • Translatable text is segmented by sentences using NLTK sentence tokenizer.

  • The HTML converter accepts partial HTML markup, e.g. <body> tag contents and even plain text.

  • <br> tags are treated as translation segment delimiters.

  • <pre><code>...</code></pre> blocks are ignored.

To do

  • More file formats.

  • XLIFF 2.0 support.

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