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Trait support for Python 3

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Trait support for Python 3

  • Free software: Apache license


pip install py3traits


To run the all tests run:


About Traits

Traits are classes which contain methods that can be used to extend other classes, similar to mixins, with exception that traits do not use inheritance. Instead, traits are composed into other classes. That is; methods, properties and internal state are copied to master object.

The point is to improve code reusability by dividing code into simple building blocks that can be then combined into actual classes.

Read more from wikipedia:

Look for examples from examples folder.


1.2.0 (2015-07-08)

  • New feature: Precompiled functions can be used with properties
  • New feature: @validation decorator for validating arguments by value
  • New feature: Factory class for object creation
  • Improving feature: @type_safe and @type_converted wraps functions properly
  • Fixed homepage link which was pointing to Python 2 version
  • Added back the missing github link in documentation
  • Done a major overhaul for the core to better support adding new features
  • Many other bigger or smaller improvements

1.1.0 (2015-06-13)

  • Improving feature: setproperty does not require all property functions
  • Improving feature: added name as more convenient way to name the property
  • Improving example: examples/
  • Changing version numbering.

1.0.1 (2015-06-12)

  • New feature: Added setproperty convenience function
  • New example: examples/
  • Added documentation
  • Some refactoring for testability
  • Added new test utility to parametrize tests
  • Added unit tests

1.0.0 (2015-05-25)

  • First official release

0.15.0 (2015-05-23)

  • New feature: Alternative syntax added to add_traits function
  • New example: examples/
  • New example: examples/
  • Addes unit tests

0.14.0 (2015-05-19)

  • New feature: Setter and Deleter for properties are now supported
  • New example: examples/
  • New example: examples/
  • Updated example: examples/
  • Updated example: examples/

0.13.0 (2015-04-25)

  • New feature: Decorator type_safe to check function arguments
  • New feature: combine_class function takes name for new class as first argument
  • Refactoring to look less like black magic
  • Improving exception class creation to accept custom messages
  • Adding unit tests

0.12.0 (2015-04-22)

  • New feature: Rename of composed traits
  • Cleaning up parts belonging to py2traits

0.11.0 (2015-04-18)

  • PEP8 fixes
  • General cleaning for all files
  • Removed unused parts
  • Removed Python 2 code

0.10.0 (2015-03-30)

  • Splitting into two projects: py2traits and py3traits
  • Taking new project template to use from cookiecutter.

0.9.0 Bringing back compatibility to Python 2.x

  • Some small clean up too

0.8.0 Adding support to private class and instance attributes

  • Redone function binding to include recompilation of the function
  • Leaving Python 2.x into unsupported state temporarily.

0.7.0 Improving usability of the library

  • Introduced new extendable decorator, which adds function to add traits to object
  • Introduced new function combine_class to create new classes out of traits
  • Fixed module imports through out the library
  • Improved documentation in examples

0.6.0 Restructuring into library

  • Added support for py.test
  • Preparing to support tox
  • Improved multiple examples and renamed them to make more sense
  • Removed the need of having two separate code branches for different Python versions

0.5.0 Instances can now be extended with traits in Python 3.x

  • Instance support now similar to classes
  • Added more examples

0.4.0 Completed function binding with examples in Python 2.x

  • Separate functions can now be bound to classes - Functions with ‘self’ as a first parameter will be acting as a method - Functions with ‘cls’ as a first parameter will be acting as classmethod - Other functions will be static methods.
  • Fixed an issue with binding functions

0.3.0 Trait extension support without conflicts for Python 2.x

  • Classes can be extended
  • Instances can be extended
  • Python 2.x supported

0.2.0 Apache License Updated

  • Added apache 2.0 license to all files
  • Set the character set as utf-8 for all files

0.1.0 Initial Version

  • prepared files for Python 2.x
  • prepared files for Python 3.x

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