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Unofficial API for Amber Electric

Project description


Make it easier to use Amber's newer API that uses AWS Cognito for authentication.

Specify your login creds, and optionally how long to leave between refeshing the data in seconds. The default is equal to 5 minutes.

You can get the entire response from Amber with the json property, or cut out the middleman and get specific values like currentPrice. Data is stored locally so feel free to grab the properties without hammering Amber's servers or being stuck with stale data.


from pyAmberElectric import pyAmberElectric
Amber = pyAmberElectric(username='yourEmail', password='yourPassword', updateInterval=600)

#array of your meter prices

#the complete raw json data

print("Prices are currently ", Amber.currentValue)

The Deets

Renewing auth and data

The authentication token will be automatically renewed when needed, normally lasting an hour. You can call auth() to manually renew if required.

If needed, all known data is requested at once. When the local data is older than the maxAge, the data is refreshed. You can also call update() to manually request new data. Amber's data doesn't change more often than every 5 minutes at most so no need to hammer it.

Avaliable Props


Returns the full json object returned by Amber. Contains all info avaliable in the app/website.


Returns an array of your current prices in cents.


Returns an array of the current percentage of renewables in the grid.


Returns an array of the current qualative value of the price. Can be 'BAD', 'NEUTRAL' or 'GOOD'.


Returns the total cost for the last 30 days in cents.


Returns the total usage for the last 30 days in Kwh.


Returns the average percentage of renewables in the grid for the last 30 days.

Secret Methods

You shouldn't need to call these methods but they are there if you really want/need them.


Renew the authentication token.


Refresh the data from Amber.

Project details

Download files

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pyAmberElectric-0.0.2.tar.gz (12.3 kB view hashes)

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pyAmberElectric-0.0.2-py3-none-any.whl (11.9 kB view hashes)

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