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Freenet Client Protocol Helper

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README file for pyFreenet

fcpVersion = “0.3.4”

PyFreenet is a suite of command-line freenet applications, as well as a powerful Python library, for Freenet.

Install via

$ pip3 install –upgrade –user pyFreenet

To just upload a file into Freenet (currently only on GNU/Linux), install a Java JRE or JDK and then use

$ fcpupload –spawn <file>

It starts a Freenet node, uploads the file and returns the key to access the file via Freenet.

This pyFreenet release includes:

  • command-line freenet client applications, which will get installed as executable commands in your PATH, including:

    • freesitemgr - a simple yet flexible freesite management utility

    • fcpnames - utility for managing the new ‘name service’ layer

    • fproxyproxy - an experimental http proxy that sits on top of fproxy, and translates human-friendly site names transparently

    • fcpget - a single key fetcher

    • fcpput - a single key inserter

    • fcpgenkey - a keypair generator

    • fcpinvertkey - generate new SSK/USK keypairs

    • fcpredirect - insert a redirect from one ‘key’ to another ‘key’.

    • copyweb - download a page from a website with all resources.

  • python package ‘fcp’, containing classes for interacting with freenet.

  • an XML-RPC server for freenet access, which can be run standalone, or easily integrated into an existing website

To get good API documentation, run:

$ epydoc -n “pyFreenet API manual” -o html fcp

When you install this package (refer INSTALL), you should end up with a command ‘freesitemgr’ on your PATH.

‘freesitemgr’ is a console-based freesite insertion utility which keeps your freesite configs and status in a single config file (~/.freesitemgr, unless you specify otherwise).

Just use ‘freesitemgr add FOLDER’ to upload a website into Freenet.

Invoke ‘freesitemgr -h’ (or if on windows, ‘ -h’) and read the options.

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