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Fetch NFTs that were minted in the blockchain

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pip install pyOpENWatch

Fetch the NFTs that has been minted on the blockchain, with current tools, NFT data is hard to reach or depends on commercial third party APIs.

This is not desirable for various reasons, PyOpENWatch offers an alternative.


from pyopenwatch import EthereumNFTWatcher
watcher = EthereumNFTWatcher(host, port, log_level)
watcher.fetch_nfts_until_block(terminal_block_hash, limit, callback)

Here, the pyopenwatch.EthereumNFTWatcher does the heavy lifting, you will have to point it to an Ethereum node, using the host and port. The node can be a light node. log_level refers to Python's logging levels if passed, you can control what sort of information is being logged.

The watcher function traverses the blockchain and finds the NFTs being held inside, the terminal_block_hash and limit can be provided to limit the number of blocks the PyOpENWatch will fetch before terminating.

The callback function is the actual driving part of the package, it is a function with the signature (pyopenwatch.NFT) => None. When the EthereumNFTWatcher finds a new NFT, it initialises an pyopenwatch.NFT class and calls this callback.

Pass a function that takes found NFTs and process them as they are found.


My understanding of the Ethereum nodes is that they can be extremely volatile, and at numerous points significant errors may occur, thes errors are similar to dropped packages in the TCP protocol, seem to occur when syncing issues occur, in order to preserve functionality, instead of throwing errors, we log them instead, the default behaviour of the pyopenwatch.EthereumNFTWatcher is to log these in the ERROR level.

If you set the logger_level to INFO, newly found NFTs and mint transactions will be logged. If the logger_level is set to DEBUG the newly fetched transactions and blocks wil be logged.

Use Case

This Python module was created as a part of a project to create a tool to find stolen images minted as NFTs to help artists recover their stolen art. As you can probably guess, I find NFTs and technology surrounding them less than ideal and I would appereciate if dApp and Blockchain developers would refrain from using this library.

I would also like people who use this technology to limit illegal blockchain activity to get in touch.

I understand that I cannot legally enforce this in any way, this is GPLv3 project, so legally you are free to do whatever as long as you follow the License, but still, I hope my words hold some weight for people.

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