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a wheel type command interface for KDE, inspired by Kommando (KDE 3) and Neverwinternights.

Project description


  • easy_install pyRadKDE


  • Add a mouse gesture for “”: go into KDE systemsettings -> keyboard shortcuts -> add a gesture with the action “” (you might have to enable gestures in the settings, too - in the shortcuts-window you should find a settings button).

  • customize the menu by editing the file “~/.pyradrc” or right-clicking items.

Alternate setup with dbus (much faster but incomplete):

  • Add “/usr/bin/” as script to your autostart (systemsettings->advanced->autostart) TODO: make it not show the GUI

  • Add the mouse gesture to call D-Bus: Program: org.kde.pyRad ; Object: /MainApplication ; Function: newInstance

  • Alternately set the gesture to call the command “dbus-send –type=method_call –dest=org.kde.pyRad /MainApplication org.kde.KUniqueApplication.newInstance”


  • Just use your gesture to call up the command wheel when you want to call one of your included programs.

  • Right-click an item to edit it. Middle-click an item to add a new one after it (clockwise).

  • Make folders by using the action [(“kreversi”, None), (“icon”, “action”), (“icon2”, “action2”), …]. Actions are simply the commands you’d use on the commandline.

  • call “ –quit” to shutdown the process in the background. “ –help” shows the usage.


  • new command scheme: right-click always edits, middle-click adds a new item. -done

  • items arranged clockwise. -done

  • right-click on center opens a general config dialog. -todo

  • a general config dialog. -todo

  • first run of new version shows image as usage guide. -todo

  • Edit dialog should show the icon graphically. A click on the item should show the edit dialog we have when editing the K-Menu. -todo

  • Edit dialog should have a radio button for the action: “create folder”. -todo

  • register a global shortcut / gesture in KDE from within the program -> usable as soon as it’s installed. -todo

  • make it show faster. -todo

  • add option –only-daemon to only start the daemon without showing the GUI


  • use plasma.

  • Show the program cathegories from the K-Menu.

  • Get the folders and actions from Nepomuk somehow -> favorites or such.

  • Option to have an auto-optimizing wheel layout :)

  • adjust icon size to the numbers of icons in the circle.

  • Add a CLI fallback, so people can also access their actions via the shell.

  • Talk to DBus directly (for higher performance). -> dbus-send –type=method_call –dest=org.kde.pyRad /MainApplication org.kde.KUniqueApplication.newInstance (from

PyPI url:


pyRad 0.3.1

  • FIX: Upper level changes weren’t saved.

pyRad 0.3

  • Largescale rewrite in the battle for startup performance. It’s now a KUniqueApplication and after the first run, subsequent runs only call the already running (but hidden) instance. Still the imports take the major share of the startup time.

  • New command scheme: Right-click always edits the item, middle click adds a new item after the clicked one.

  • Items are arranged clockwise.

  • FIX: Changes in the layout were only effective after the next start. Now changes take effect immediately.

pyRad 0.2

  • Right-click on an item opens an edit dialog.

  • Changes are saved directly to the .pyradrc

pyRad 0.1.1

  • moved the Rad class into a seperate file ( - same performance but cleaner.

  • added a version header to the .pyradrc file, so it will be possible to update it transparently when changes should be necessary.

pyRad 0.1

  • Initial version.

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