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Communicate with your Woodway treadmill in your Python scripts.

Project description


Parties Involved

Institution: Munroe Meyer Institute in the University of Nebraska Medical Center
Laboratory: Virtual Reality Laboratory
Advisor: Dr. James Gehringer
Developer: Walker Arce


This Python library was written to facilitate closed-loop experimental protocol for biomechanics and motor-control related research.


Clone this repository, cd into the directory using either your virtual environment or your local environment, and run: python install


from pywoodway.treadmill import SplitBelt, find_treadmills
import time

a_sn = 'FTHCUWVAA'
b_sn = 'FTHCUQ9IA'
a_port, b_port = find_treadmills(a_sn=a_sn, b_sn=b_sn)

if a_port is not None and b_port is not None:
    print("Split belt treadmill found on ports", a_port, "and", b_port)
    sb = SplitBelt(,
    sb.start_belts(True, False, True, False)
    print("Belt A set to 2 MPH and belt B set to -2 MPH.")
    sb.set_speed(2.0, -2.0)
    print("Set incline to 20%")
    print("Split belt speed:", sb.get_speeds())
    print("Split belt incline:", sb.get_elevations())
    print("Belt A set to -2 MPH and belt B set to 2 MPH.")
    # sb.set_speed(-2.0, 2.0)
    print("Split belt speed:", sb.get_speeds())
    print("Split belt is stopped.")
    print("Split belt treadmill was not found.")

To find your Woodway treadmill with the script, plug in your treadmill to your computer and execute the following script,

from import list_ports

ports = list_ports.comports()
for port in ports:

Write down the serial number for each treadmill (if using a split belt these are marked A and B) and pass those as arguments to the find_treadmills() function.


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