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Toolkit for quickly building nice looking command line interfaces

Project description


This is a Python toolkit for quickly building nice looking command line interfaces.

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It also includes the following easy to use components:

  • Spinners
  • Gauge
  • Progress

Spinner(message, style=None)

Picture of a spinner


  • message - The default status text to display while the spinner is spinning.
  • style - Array of graphical characters used to draw the spinner. By default, on Windows: ['|', '/', '-', ''], on other platforms: ['◜','◠','◝','◞','◡','◟']


  • run() - Show the spinner on the screen.
  • update_msg(message) - Update the status message that follows the spinner.


from py_clui import Spinner

spinner = Spinner('Processing documents...')

for x in range(100):
    spinner.update_msg('{0} Processed documents'.format(x))

Gauge(value, max_value, width, danger_zone, suffix=None)

Picture of a gauge

Draw a basic horizontal gauge to the screen.


  • value
  • max_value
  • width
  • danger_zone
  • suffix


from py_clui import gauge

total = 100
free = 30

used = total - free

print(gauge(used, total, 20, total * 0.8, 'Used memory'))


Picture of a progress


  • width - The width in characters of progress_bar


  • update(percent) - Return a progress bar width a this percente filled.


from py_clui import Progress

progress = Progress(20)



  1. clui makes NodeJS even more sexy. Python needed something like it.

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