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A Python library for working with AAVSO data.

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**pyaavso** is a Python library for working with
`AAVSO <>`_ (American Association of Variable Star
Observers) data. The library is compatible with both Python 2.7 and 3.3+.


* reading and writing variable star observations in AAVSO's
`Visual File Format`_
* downloading all observation data for a given observer

.. _`Visual File Format`:


Use ``pip`` to install latest release available at PyPI::

pip install pyaavso


The following code uses :class:`~pyaavso.formats.visual.VisualFormatWriter`
to report a single observation of **SS Cyg** between the outbursts.

>>> from pyaavso.formats import VisualFormatWriter
>>> observer_code = 'XYZ'
>>> with open('data.txt', 'wb') as fp:
... writer = VisualFormatWriter(fp, observer_code)
... writer.writerow({
... 'name': 'SS CYG',
... 'date': '2450702.1234',
... 'magnitude': '<11.0',
... 'comp1': '110',
... 'chart': '070613',
... })

The ``data.txt`` file can be now submitted to AAVSO.


* `Documentation <>`_
* `Issue tracker <>`_


* `Zbigniew Siciarz <>`_ (zbigniew at siciarz dot net)


pyaavso is free software, licensed under the MIT/X11 License. A copy of
the license is provided with the source code in the LICENSE file.

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