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Adaptive Radix Tree (ART) implemetation for python.

Project description

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This library is a thin python wrapper around ART implementation in


pystat can be installed via pypi:

pip install pyart


Get the source:

git clone

Compile extension:

python build_ext --inplace


Work with tree as with plain mapping:

from pyart import Tree
t = Tree()
t[b'foo'] = 1
t[b'bar'] = 2
assert t[b'foo'] == 1
assert t[b'bar'] == 2
assert b'foo' in t
assert b'bar' in t
assert len(t) == 2
del t[b'foo']
assert b'foo' not in t
assert len(t) == 1

Iteration over each element of tree:

from pyart import Tree
t = Tree()
t['foo'] = object()
def cb(key, value): print(key, value)
>>> ('foo', <object object at 0x7f186020bd70>)
t['foobar'] = object()
>>> ('foo', <object object at 0x7f186020bd70>)
>>> ('foobar', <object object at 0x7f186020bd80>)
t.each(cb, prefix=b'foo')
>>> ('foo', <object object at 0x7f186020bd70>)
>>> ('foobar', <object object at 0x7f186020bd80>)
t.each(cb, prefix=b'bar')

Find minimum and maximum:

from pyart import Tree
t = Tree()
t[b'test'] = None
t[b'foo'] = None
t[b'bar'] = None
assert t.minimum == (b'bar', None)
assert t.maximum == (b'test', None)

Copy tree:

from pyart import Tree
t = Tree()
t[b'test'] = object()
c = t.copy()
assert c[b'test'] is t[b'test']
assert len(c) == len(t)


  • Implement plain python iterator over tree;

Running the test suite

Use Tox to run the test suite:




  • Fix reference counting;


  • Fix iteration with single element;


  • Fix segmentation fault on iterator destruction;


  • Proper exception handling in each;
  • Support for python native iteration;

0.1.0 (initial release)

  • Prototype.

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