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Python module and tools for communicating in the Assuan protocol.

Project description

Python module and tools for communicating in the Assuan_ protocol.

There are a number of GnuPG_ wrappers for python `out there`__, but
they mostly work via the ``gpg`` executable. This is an attempt to
cut to the chase and speak directly to ``gpg-agent``, which offers a
number of advantages::

__ wrappers_

* No need to spawn ``gpg`` every time you want to do something
* No need to `do anything fancy with file descriptors`__ to verify
detached signatures.

__ enable-special-filenames_




I've packaged ``pyassuan`` for Gentoo_. You need layman_ and
my `wtk overlay`_. Install with::

# emerge -av app-portage/layman
# layman --add wtk
# emerge -av dev-python/pyassuan


``pyassuan`` is a simple package with no external dependencies outside
the Python 3 standard library.

Installing by hand

``pgp-mime`` is available as a Git_ repository::

$ git clone git://

See the homepage_ for details. To install the checkout, run the

$ python install


Checkout the docstrings and the examples in ``bin``.


Run the internal unit tests using nose_::

$ nosetests --with-doctest --doctest-tests pgp-mime

If a Python-3-version of ``nosetests`` is not the default on your
system, you may need to try something like::

$ nosetests-3.2 --with-doctest --doctest-tests pgp-mime


This project is distributed under the `GNU General Public License
Version 3`_ or greater.


W. Trevor King

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.. _GnuPG:
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.. _enable-special-filenames:
.. _Gentoo:
.. _layman:
.. _wtk overlay:
.. _Git:
.. _homepage:
.. _nose:
.. _GNU General Public License Version 3:

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