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Plugin package for Pyaud

Project description

License PyPI Build CodeQL status python3.8 Black isort docformatter pylint Security Status Known Vulnerabilities pyaud-plugins

Plugin package for Pyaud


pip install pyaud


pip install pyaud-plugins


poetry install


See pyaud


pyaud will automatically load this package on search for all packages prefixed with “pyaud_”

For writing plugins see docs

This package contains the following plugins on running pyaud modules

about-tests     -- Check tests README is up-to-date
audit           -- Read from [audit] key in config
change-logged   -- Check commits with loggable tags are added to CHANGELOG
clean           -- Remove all unversioned package files recursively
commit-policy   -- Test commit policy is up to date
const           -- Check code for repeat use of strings
coverage        -- Run package unit-tests with `pytest` and `coverage`
docs            -- Compile package documentation with `Sphinx`
doctest         -- Run `doctest` on all code examples
doctest-package -- Run `doctest` on package
doctest-readme  -- Run `doctest` on Python code-blocks in README
files           -- Audit project data files
format          -- Audit code with `Black`
format-docs     -- Format docstrings with `docformatter`
format-str      -- Format f-strings with `flynt`
generate-rcfile -- Print rcfile to stdout
imports         -- Audit imports with `isort`
lint            -- Lint code with `pylint`
params          -- Check docstring params match function signatures
sort-pyproject  -- Sort pyproject.toml file with `toml-sort`
test            -- Run all tests
tests           -- Run the package unit-tests with `pytest`
toc             -- Audit docs/<NAME>.rst toc-file
typecheck       -- Typecheck code with `mypy`
unused          -- Audit unused code with `vulture`
whitelist       -- Check file with `vulture`

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pyaud_plugins-0.15.0.tar.gz (13.6 kB view hashes)

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pyaud_plugins-0.15.0-py3-none-any.whl (15.1 kB view hashes)

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