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A Python (3.x compatible) interface to the GNU Binary File Descriptor (BFD) and opcodes library.

Project description


This clone of PyBFD mainly adds support for Python 3.x while keeping compatibility with Python 2.x. To prevent conflicts and possible confusion, the name of the module/package has changed to pybfd3

Because it seems that pybfd is no longer maintained, I decided to create my own independent repository.


Version 0.1.5

  • Remove legacy distutils usage (thanks to @Bidski)

Version 0.1.4

  • Update PyBFD3 to be compatible with binutils > 2.29 (thanks to @Bidski)


  • The binutils-dev package must be installed first.


Method 1: Via Python Package Index (PyPI).

$ pip install pybfd3

Method 2: Local installation.

$ git clone
$ pip install ./pybfd3


Depending on your pip version, you may need to add pip's --egg install option to successfully complete the installation.

Sample Session

$ cd pybfd3/examples
$ chmod +x
$ ./
Usage : ./ <binary>
$ ./ `which sudo`
[+] Creating BFD instance...
[+] File format     : Linker/assembler/compiler output.
[+] Architecture    : Intel 386 (9)
[+] BFD target name : elf64-x86-64
[+] Entry point     : 0x403970
[+] Sections        : 27
[+] Selected section information:
	Name   : .text
	Index  : 13
	Length : 59 Kbytes
0x402B60 SZ=2 BD=0 IT=1	push   r15
0x402B62 SZ=2 BD=0 IT=1	push   r14
0x402B64 SZ=2 BD=0 IT=1	push   r13
0x402B66 SZ=2 BD=0 IT=1	push   r12
0x402B68 SZ=1 BD=0 IT=1	push   rbp
0x402B69 SZ=1 BD=0 IT=1	push   rbx
0x402B6A SZ=5 BD=0 IT=1	mov    ebx,0x63ec80
0x402B6F SZ=3 BD=0 IT=1	mov    rbp,rsi
0x402B72 SZ=7 BD=0 IT=1	sub    rsp,0xb8


  • improve get_symbols to not throwing an error if no symbols are present
  • macOS testing

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pybfd3-0.1.5.tar.gz (48.2 kB view hashes)

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