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Read PyBites Python tips from the command line

Project description

PyBites Tips CLI

A wrapper to read PyBites Python tips from the command line.


You can install the PyBites Tips CLI from PyPI:

pip install pybites-tips

This tool uses Python 3.x


PyBites Tips CLI is a command line application. There are two modes to run it:

  1. Interactive mode:

     $ pytip
     Search tips (press 'q' to exit): functools
     3 tips found
     === TIP 153 ===
     Title: functools.partial
  2. Search for tips from the command line using the -s flag:

     $ pytip -s itertools
     7 tips found
     === TIP 53 ===
     Title: random.choice and itertools.product
     Tip: #Python's random, range and itertools.product make it easy to simulate 5 dice rolls:

If you want to page through the results use the -p flag:

$ pytip -s itertools
7 tips found

Press any key to start paging them, then press 'q' to go to the next one ... or hit 'c' bail out:
<< results page paged (you see them one by one in terminal) >>

Alternatively just pip pytip's output to more: pytip -s itertools|more

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