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Python exception notifier for Airbrake

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Python exception notifier for Airbrake

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pybrake requires Python 3.6+.

pip install -U pybrake


You must set both project_id & project_key.

To find your project_id and project_key navigate to your project's Settings and copy the values from the right sidebar.

import pybrake

notifier = pybrake.Notifier(project_id=123,

Sending errors to Airbrake

    raise ValueError('hello')
except Exception as err:

Sending errors synchronously

By default, the notify function sends errors asynchronously using ThreadPoolExecutor and returns a concurrent.futures.Future, a synchronous API is also made available with the notify_sync function:

notice = notifier.notify_sync(err)
if 'id' in notice:

Adding custom params

To set custom params you can build and send notice in separate steps:

notice = notifier.build_notice(err)
notice['params']['myparam'] = 'myvalue'

You can also add custom params to every error notice before it's sent to Airbrake with the add_filter function.

def my_filter(notice):
    notice['params']['myparam'] = 'myvalue'
    return notice


Ignoring notices

There may be some notices/errors thrown in your application that you're not interested in sending to Airbrake, you can ignore these using the add_filter function.

def my_filter(notice):
    if notice['context']['environment'] == 'development':
        # Ignore notices in development environment.
        return None
    return notice


Filtering keys

With keys_blocklist option you can specify list of keys containing sensitive information that must be filtered out, e.g.:

notifier = pybrake.Notifier(
        'password',           # exact match
        re.compile('secret'), # regexp match

Logging integration

pybrake provides a logging handler that sends your logs to Airbrake.

import logging
import pybrake

airbrake_handler = pybrake.LoggingHandler(notifier=notifier,

logger = logging.getLogger('test')

logger.error('something bad happened')

Django integration

First, configure project_id and project_key in

AIRBRAKE = dict(

Next, activate the Airbrake middleware:


Finally, configure the airbrake logging handler:

    'version': 1,
    'disable_existing_loggers': False,
    'handlers': {
        'airbrake': {
            'level': 'ERROR',
            'class': 'pybrake.LoggingHandler',
    'loggers': {
        'app': {
            'handlers': ['airbrake'],
            'level': 'ERROR',
            'propagate': True,

Now you are ready to start reporting errors to Airbrake from your Django app.

Flask integration

The Flask integration leverages Flask signals and therefore requires the blinker library.

from flask import Flask
import pybrake.flask

app = Flask(__name__)

app.config['PYBRAKE'] = dict(
app = pybrake.flask.init_app(app)

aiohttp integration (python 3.5+)

Setup airbrake's middleware and config for your web application:


from aiohttp import web
from pybrake.aiohttp import create_airbrake_middleware

airbrake_middleware = create_airbrake_middleware()

app = web.Application(middlewares=[airbrake_middleware])

app['airbrake_config'] = dict(
  environment='production'  # optional

Also, you can pass custom handlers to create_airbrake_middleware:


import aiohttp_jinja2
from pybrake.aiohttp import create_airbrake_middleware

async def handle_404(request):
    return aiohttp_jinja2.render_template('404.html', request, {})

async def handle_500(request):
    return aiohttp_jinja2.render_template('500.html', request, {})

def setup_middlewares(app):
    airbrake_middleware = create_airbrake_middleware({
        404: handle_404,
        500: handle_500


Disabling pybrake logs

The pybrake logger can be silenced by setting the logging level to logging.CRITICAL.

import logging


Sending route stats

notifier.routes.notify allows sending route stats to Airbrake. The library provides integrations with Django and Flask. (your routes are tracked automatically). You can also use this API manually:

from pybrake import RouteMetric

metric = RouteMetric(method=request.method, route=route)
metric.status_code = response.status_code
metric.content_type = response.headers.get("Content-Type")
metric.end_time = time.time()


Sending route breakdowns

notifier.routes.breakdowns.notify allows sending performance breakdown stats to Airbrake. You can use this API manually:

import pybrake import RouteBreakdowns

metric = RouteBreakdowns(method=request.method, route=route)
metric.response_type = response.headers.get("Content-Type")
metric.end_time = time.time()


Sending query stats

notifier.queries.notify allows sending SQL query stats to Airbrake. The library provides integration with Django (your queries are tracked automatically). You can also use this API manually:

    query="SELECT * FROM foos",

Sending queue stats

notifier.queues.notify allows sending queue (job) stats to Airbrake. The library provides integration with Celery (your queues are tracked automatically). You can also use this API manually:

from pybrake import QueueMetric

metric = QueueMetric(queue="foo_queue")


Running the tests

pip install -r requirements.txt
pip install -r test-requirements.txt

Uploading to PyPI

python sdist upload

Remote configuration

Every 10 minutes the notifier issues an HTTP GET request to fetch remote configuration. This might be undesirable while running tests. To suppress this HTTP call, you need to pass remote_config=False to the notifier.

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