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Broodwar API binding

Project description



Binding made as from-scratch code generator, outputting msvc project.

Precompiled installation


- Windows 7 32 bit (just exactly SSCAIT requirement)
NOTE: I couldn't successfully run BWAPI injector under Wine,
although recently I've been told
possible <>`__.
- `Python
3.5 <>`__
- Installed BWAPI and SC


pip install pybrood


`Read the docs <>`__

Compiling from source

Additional requirements:

- `Visual C++ build
tools <>`__
or complete Visual Studio.
NOTE: pick the version of compiler/studio considering `build tools
used by python <>`__
- `BWAPI 4.1.2
sources <>`__
you need ``BWAPI.lib`` and ``BWAPIClient.lib`` built against chosen
compiler to link pybrood module
- Most fresh (dec 2016) `Pybind11
headers <>`__

Building BWAPI.lib and BWAPIClient.lib

| You may experience "access denied" errors while working directly in
"program files/BWAPI".
| Better use separately cloned git repo of BWAPI where you have full

| For ``msbuild`` invocation use special VC++ related cmd shell from
Launch menu.
| Otherwise you can use usual cmd shell.

#. Make some changes in bwapi source files first:

- | little fix in ``bwapi/include/BWAPI/SetContainer.h:53``:
| at very end of class add

``SetContainer& operator=(const SetContainer&) = default;``

to get rid of "attempting to reference a deleted function" error.

- disable mass file copying in ``bwapi/BWAPILIB/BWAPILIB.vcxproj``:

- line 64: ``<PreLinkEvent>`` → ``<!-- PreLinkEvent>``

- line 94: ``</PreLinkEvent>`` → ``</PreLinkEvent -->``

- create file ``bwapi/svnrev.h``:

``static const int SVN_REV = 4708; #include "starcraftver.h"``

This prevents "Client and Server are not compatible" error.

#. Build BWAPI.lib:

``cd bwapi\BWAPILIB\ msbuild /p:PlatformToolset=v140 /p:Configuration=Release /p:Platform=Win32``

Output file is ``bwapi/lib/BWAPI.lib``.

#. Build BWAPIClient.lib:

``cd bwapi\BWAPIClient\ msbuild /p:PlatformToolset=v140 /p:Configuration=Release /p:Platform=Win32``

Output file is ``bwapi/lib/BWAPIClient.lib``.

Building Pybrood

#. ``pip install -r generator/requirements.txt``
#. Setup paths in `generator/ <generator/>`__.
#. Run the generator ``python3.5 -m generator``.
#. ``cd`` to freshly generated ``output`` folder and run ``build.bat``
(it's just the same msbuild command).
#. Copy/symlink ``output/Release/inner.pyd`` into ``pybrood`` directory.
``inner.pyd`` is a required submodule of ``pybrood``.
#. Now you should be able to ``import pybrood``.
#. Optionally you can build your local copy of documentation:
``cd output/docs/ sphinx-build . -b html _build/html``

.. |docs| image::

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pybrood-0.9.2-cp36-none-win32.whl (393.6 kB view hashes)

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pybrood-0.9.2-cp35-none-win32.whl (393.6 kB view hashes)

Uploaded CPython 3.5 Windows x86

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