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sequence and motion planning for robotic spatial extrusion

Project description

pychoreo is a sequence and motion planning engine that allow you to print the following cool structures (and many more!) with ease:

Voronoi extrusion video

Note :pushpin:

  • In the summer of 2019, pychoreo will be integrated into the compas_fab infrastructure. Stay tuned! :beers:
  • The ROS implementation of choreo can be found here: choreo.

Main features

  • feature


Coming soon!




If you use this work, please consider citing as follows:

title={Automated sequence and motion planning for robotic spatial extrusion of 3D trusses}, author={Huang, Yijiang and Garrett, Caelan R and Mueller, Caitlin T}, journal={Construction Robotics}, volume={2}, number={1-4}, pages={15–39}, year={2018}, publisher={Springer}}

Algorithms behind Choreo:

  • Automated sequence and motion planning for robotic spatial extrusion of 3D trusses, Constr Robot (2018) 2:15-39, Arxiv-1810.00998
Applications of Choreo:
  • Robotic extrusion of architectural structures with nonstandard topology, RobArch 2018, RobArch paper link
  • Spatial extrusion of Topology Optimized 3D Trusses, IASS 2018, IASS paper link





  • SparseLadderGraph completed
  • export planned trajectory for extrusion
  • add parsing function for visualizing saved extrusion trajectories
  • from_data methods for Trajectory and subclasses
  • tagging print processes with ground/creation/connect in the test function
  • infinite pose sampler added for extrusion case when using sparse ladder graph to solve
  • Added max_valence_extrusion_direction_routing to extrusion.utils
  • Added reverse_flags info to add_collision_fns_from_seq and extrusion’s test
  • Added start_conf parameter to SparseLadderGraph.extract_solution and solve_ladder_graph_from_cartesian_process_list to allow minimizing ladder graph with respect to a given start configuration
  • Added picknplace.transition_planner
  • Added target_conf attribute to CartesianProcess to allow using snap_sols when sample_ik_sols is called. This is essential for robots with large joint limits, e.g. UR.


  • is_any_empty utility function for checking ik sol list of lists
  • reset_ee_pose_gen_fn for easier resetting generator
  • Added print_table model in the mit_3-412_workspace URDF/SRDF


  • Removed PicknPlaceBufferTrajectory’s ee_attachments and attachments attributes
  • Removed picknplace.planner_interface (which is there only as an archive)


  • fix nested empty list detection bug in is_any_empty
  • add disabled_collisions argument to the extrusion transition_planner
  • Fixed min_z to base_point model transformation in extrusion.parsing


  • extrusion export save lin_path’s poses as 4x4 tform matrix (there’s some disagreement in quaterion in compas.Frame.from_quat?)
  • move extrusion test fixtures into a separate fixture module
  • ladder graph interface broken into from_cartesian_process_list, from_cartesian_process, from_poses to increase code reuse
  • Changed sub_process_ids specification in prune_ee_feasible_directions
  • Changed Trajectory to have ee_attachments and attachments attributes natively
  • Changed Trajectory’s from_data, making it raise ValueError when robot body cannot be found in pybullet
  • Changed MoveTrajectory to have element_id attributes natively
  • Changed picknplace.visualization to reload and manually assign pybullet bodies to ensure objects get matched correctly
  • Changed build_picknplace_cartesian_process_seq to inject ee_attach info before passing into ladder graph solver, and tag element attachment after solving is finished.



  • cartesian process class for modeling general linear movement in the workspace
  • ladder graph interface using the Cartesian process class
  • Trajectory class for modeling result trajectory in different contexts (inherited classes)
  • display_trajectories for extrusion
  • some simple exceptions added for LadderGraph and DAGSearch
  • subprocess modeling to have a more detailed control over Cartesian process modeling
  • add exhaust_iter method to CartisianProcess which resets the generator
  • add template class GenFn for generating functions
  • add PrintBufferTrajectory to model approach/retreat trajectories


  • move transition planning to application context.
  • conform to the latest pybullet_planning


  • assembly_datastructure
  • the old module, moved to the test file





  • Initial version

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