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pycobaltstrike is a module to interact with cobaltstrike's external c2

Project description


A pure python, Cobalt Strike External C2 client library.

This library provides convenience methods for interacting with a Cobalt Strike teamserver via its External C2 mechanism. It implemenents the specification as defined here.


pip install pycobaltstrike


This project provides two classes for working with Cobalt Strike via its external c2 mechanism.

  • CobaltStrike() - This class handles connections to a teamserver and is responsible for sending and receiving frames between a teamserver and an implementor.
  • Frame() - This class is a representation of the raw bytes that is sent to and from a teamserver via the CobaltStrike class. It contains various convenience methods for working with data.

usage example

Once installed, import the library (and the Frame class if you need it).

from pycobaltstrike import CobaltStrike, Frame

Next, instantiate a new instance of CobaltStrike and then connect to an external c2 server.

cs = CobaltStrike()
cs.connect('', 2222)

With the cs object connected to a Cobalt Strike teamserver, we can now request a stager.

stager = cs.get_stage(arch='x64', pipename='tutorial')

Getting the result of stager to run is out of the scope of this library, however, once that is running and you are able to relay frames, you can do so by sending and receiving Frame objects.

# assuming data here is the raw frame bytes you want to send to the teamserver
data = b'00'
frame = Frame(data)


# response from the teamserver will also return a Frame
response = cs.recv()

Thats it!

the Frame object

Data sent up and down using send() and recv() are instances of the Frame class. Frame's have some convenience methods as shown below.

The specification states that data frames sent to and from the teamserver via external c2's must have the format of [size][payload]. When instantiating a new Frame using the class constructor, note that this should purely be data and not include the length prefix as indicated by the specification. If you have a payload that includes the length prefix, use Frame.from_bytes().

# init a frame from data that does not include length prefix
frame = Frame(b'00')

# init a frame from data that *does* include the length prefix
frame = Frame.from_bytes(b'00')

# init a frame from base64 encoded data that *does* include the length prefix
frame = Frame.from_base64('bXVoYWhhCg==')

# return the raw bytes of a frame that includes the size prefix
frame_bytes = frame.as_bytes()

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