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An importable, single stage CLI menu package

Project description

Python Command Line Menu Selector (PyCoLiMS)

A command line menu, designed for single stage selection. Displays a given list on screen for user to select, either in single or multi mode. Returns selected item/s to the calling function in the same format as provided.

If given a dictionary, pycolims will return key/s, allowing easy user input to call a dict value

In the case of lists too large to display at once, pycolims breaks the list down into terminal-sized chunks, with a paging system to cycle between the chunks

* It's a series of pointers, not a bunch of new lists. Pycolims tries to stay memory friendly!


pip install pycolims

Single Selection menu

import pycolims
menu_single = pycolims.Single(), header: str="")

A single selection menu will display items on screen and return a single user selected value This can be a single item or one nested list from a given matrix

Multi Selection Menu

import pycolims
menu_multi = pycolims.Multi(), header: str="")

When a multi pycolims is used, the menu returns the entire given array with each item converted to a list, where [0] is a boolean indicating selection

 >>> list_with_booleans =[0, 1, '2'])
 # User selects first and last options...
 >>> print(list_with_booleans)
 [[True, 0], [False, 1], [True, '2']]

Multi pycolims can also parse a given list in similar format to display items 'already selected'

prev_settings = [[True, 'val_one'], 
                 [False, 'val_two']]

Pycolims menu options

Each pycolims menu has a series of commands at the bottom

Single menu options
  (-) Prev Page
  (+) Next Page
  (!!) Break

Multi Menu Options
  (-) Prev Page
  (+) Next Page
  (**) Select All (//) Clear All (><) Flip All (..) Return Selected (!!) Break

(-) Prev Page (+) Next Page

Cycles through available pages

(!!) Break

Easy back out for end user use; throws a Keyboard interrupt error to interrupt code

(**) Select All (//) Clear All

Selects/Clears ALL available items

(><) Flip All

Inverts all item selections

(..) Return Selected

Finishes a multi selection menu and returns items

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