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A PLC communication library for Python

Project description

pycomm is a package that includes a collection of modules used to communicate with PLCs. At the moment the first module in the package is ab_comm.


The library is currently test on Python 2.6, 2.7


The package can be installed from


git clone
cd pycomm
sudo python install


pip install pycomm


ab_comm is a module that contains a set of classes used to interface Rockwell PLCs using Ethernet/IP protocol. The “clx” class can be used to communicate with Compactlogix, Controllogix PLCs The “slc” can be used to communicate with Micrologix or SLC PLCs

I tried to followCIP specifications volume 1 and 2 as well as Rockwell Automation Publication 1756-PM020-EN-P - November 2012 .

See the following snippet for communication with a Controllogix PLC:

from pycomm.ab_comm.clx import Driver as ClxDriver
import logging

if __name__ == '__main__':
        format="%(levelname)-10s %(asctime)s %(message)s",
    c = ClxDriver()


        print(c.read_tag(['parts', 'ControlWord', 'Counts']))

        print(c.write_tag('Counts', -26, 'INT'))
        print(c.write_tag(('Counts', 26, 'INT')))
        print(c.write_tag([('Counts', 26, 'INT')]))
        print(c.write_tag([('Counts', -26, 'INT'), ('ControlWord', -30, 'DINT'), ('parts', 31, 'DINT')]))

        # To read an array
        r_array = c.read_array("TotalCount", 1750)
        for tag in r_array:
            print (tag)

        # reset tha array to all 0
        w_array = []
        for i in xrange(1750):
        c.write_array("TotalCount", "SINT", w_array)


See the following snippet for communication with a Micrologix PLC:

from pycomm.ab_comm.slc import Driver as SlcDriver
import logging

if __name__ == '__main__':
        format="%(levelname)-10s %(asctime)s %(message)s",
    c = SlcDriver()

        print c.read_tag('S:1/5')
        print c.read_tag('S:60', 2)

        print c.write_tag('N7:0', [-30, 32767, -32767])
        print c.write_tag('N7:0', 21)
        print c.read_tag('N7:0', 10)

        print c.write_tag('F8:0', [3.1, 4.95, -32.89])
        print c.write_tag('F8:0', 21)
        print c.read_tag('F8:0', 3)

        print c.write_tag('B3:100', [23, -1, 4, 9])
        print c.write_tag('B3:100', 21)
        print c.read_tag('B3:100', 4)

        print c.write_tag('T4:3.PRE', 431)
        print c.read_tag('T4:3.PRE')
        print c.write_tag('C5:0.PRE', 501)
        print c.read_tag('C5:0.PRE')
        print c.write_tag('T4:3.ACC', 432)
        print c.read_tag('T4:3.ACC')
        print c.write_tag('C5:0.ACC', 502)
        print c.read_tag('C5:0.ACC')

        c.write_tag('T4:2.EN', 0)
        c.write_tag('T4:2.TT', 0)
        c.write_tag('T4:2.DN', 0)
        print c.read_tag('T4:2.EN', 1)
        print c.read_tag('T4:2.TT', 1)
        print c.read_tag('T4:2.DN',)

        c.write_tag('C5:0.CU', 1)
        c.write_tag('C5:0.CD', 0)
        c.write_tag('C5:0.DN', 1)
        c.write_tag('C5:0.OV', 0)
        c.write_tag('C5:0.UN', 1)
        c.write_tag('C5:0.UA', 0)
        print c.read_tag('C5:0.CU')
        print c.read_tag('C5:0.CD')
        print c.read_tag('C5:0.DN')
        print c.read_tag('C5:0.OV')
        print c.read_tag('C5:0.UN')
        print c.read_tag('C5:0.UA')

        c.write_tag('B3:100', 1)
        print c.read_tag('B3:100')

        c.write_tag('B3/3955', 1)
        print c.read_tag('B3/3955')

        c.write_tag('N7:0/2', 1)
        print c.read_tag('N7:0/2')

        print c.write_tag('O:0.0/4', 1)
        print c.read_tag('O:0.0/4')


The Future

This package is under development. The modules _ab_comm.clx_ and _ab_comm.slc_ are completed at moment but other drivers will be added in the future.


Thanks in advance for feedback and suggestions


pycomm is distributed under the MIT License

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