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A python library for CONS3RT assets

Project description

# pycons3rt Python Library for CONS3RT Assets

## Features

* Gathers CONS3RT deployment info
* Runs Linux commands from python
* Configures networking on Linux
* Configuring AWS EC2 instance networking
* Downloads and uploads files to AWS S3
* Downloads files from a Nexus Artifact Repository
* Posts CONS3RT run info to Slack
* Establishes a logging infrastructure for python CONS3RT assets

## Installation

### Install from pip

If you have Python 2.7 installed, you can run:

`pip install pycons3rt`

Also you can install specific versions:

`pip install pycons3rt==0.0.2`

### Install from source

git clone
cd pycons3rt

### Install with CONS3RT assets

Search for community `pycons3rt` software assets in HmC or to use.

To create your own pycons3rt assets, from the pycons3rt repo root directory, run:

$ ./scripts/

This will create your own Linux and Windows pycons3rt assets for import:


## Configuration

Once installed, run the following command to set up pycons3rt:


### Asset Prerequisites

1. Git
1. Python 2.7.x
1. pip

### Asset Exit Codes (Linux):

* 0 - Success
* Non-zero - See log file in /var/log/cons3rt/ for additional details

### Asset Exit Codes (Windows)

* 0 - Success
* 1 - Asset install failed:
* pycons3rt install script not found, git clone may not have succeeded
* There was a problem setting up pycons3rt
* pycons3rt osutil not found
* There was a problem running osutil

# pycons3rt documentation

## Configuration

When installed, pycons3rt creates a system directory (`pycons3rt_system_home`) and
a local user directory (`pycons3rt_user_home`).

The `pycons3rt_system_home` directory is located on your system here:

* Linux: `/etc/pycons3rt`
* MacOS: `~/.pycons3rt`
* Windows: `C:\pycons3rt`

The `pycons3rt_user_home` directory is here on all OS types:

* `~/.pycons3rt`

The following assets are also created:

* System pycons3rt config dir: `pycons3rt_system_home/conf/`
* User log dir (default): `pycons3rt_user_home/log/`
* Pycons3rt source dir: `pycons3rt_user_home/src/`

The asset clones the pycons3rt source code here for installation:

* `pycons3rt_user_home/src/pycons3rt`

The logging configuration file is installed here:

* `pycons3rt_system_home/conf/pycons3rt-logging.conf`

By default, pycons3rt log files will output here:

* `pycons3rt_user_home/log/pycons3rt-info.log`
* `pycons3rt_user_home/log/pycons3rt-warn.log`
* `pycons3rt_user_home/log/pycons3rt-debug.log`

## Logify

With the default configuration log files go to: `~/.pycons3rt/log/`, and INFO
level is printed to stdout. To customize pycons3rt logging, modify the
`pycons3rt-logging.conf` file.

import logging
from pycons3rt.logify import Logify

mod_logger = Logify.get_name() + '.your_module'

# Then use in a function or class:

class MyClass(object):
def __init__(self, dep=None):
self.cls_logger = mod_logger + '.MyCLass'
def class_method(self):
log = logging.getLogger(self.cls_logger + '.class_method')'Class Method Logging')

def main():
log = logging.getLogger(mod_logger + '.main')


This module provides a set of useful utilities for accessing CONS3RT
deployment related info. It is intended to be imported and used in
other python-based CONS3RT assets.

from pycons3rt.deployment import Deployment

# Create a new Deployment object
dep = new Deployment()

# Deployment name

# Get the role name

# Deployment properties

# Get a specific deployment property value by name
my_value = dep.get_value('cons3rt.user')

# Scenario network info



This module provides an interface for posting anything to Slack!

from pycons3rt.slack import SlackMessage
from pycons3rt.slack import SlackAttachments

# Create a message
slack_msg = SlackMessage(
text='This is a Slack message',

# Create and add an attachment
slack_attachment = SlackAttachment(
fallback='This is the fallback text',
text='Moar text!')


# Send a message

## Nexus

This module provides simple method of fetching artifacts from a nexus

from pycons3rt import nexus


## Bash (Linux)

Executes commands on a Linux system. See the source code for specific available
commands but the most commonly used `run_command` is shown below.

### run_command(command, timeout_sec=3600.0, output=True)


* command: List containing the command and any additional args
* timeout_sec: (optional) Float specifying how long to wait before
terminating the command. Default is 3600.0.
* output: (boolean) True collects the output of the command. In some cases
supressing the command output improves stability.


* A dictionary containing "code", the numeric exit code from the command, and
"output" which captures the stdout/strerrif output was set `True`. Sample output:

Raises: `CommandError` when there is a problem running the command.

"code": "0",
"output": "stdout/stderr from the command"

Example Usage:

from pycons3rt.bash import run_command
from pycons3rt.bash import CommandError
command = ['ls', '/root']
result = run_command(command, timeout_sec=60.0)
code = result['code']
output = result['output']
except CommandError:
if code == 0:'Successfully executed command {c}'.format(s=command))
msg = 'There was a problem running command returned code {c} and produced output: {o}'.format(
c=code, o=output)
raise CommandError(msg)

## Alias IP (Linux)

Utility for setting IP address aliases in Linux.

## Cons3rtUtil

Utility for running CONS3RT CLI commands. Only useful for CONS3RT site
administrators with CLI access.

## OsUtil

Handles the initial pycons3rt configuration based on the detected OS type.

## PyGit

Utility for cloning a git repo from python.

## PyJavaKeys

Utility for importing Root Certificate Authority (CA) certificates into a
Java keystore.

## Windows

Basic Windows utlities like adding host file entries.

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